Pricing your offers can be difficult.

Figuring out what level the pricing should be at. Should it be lower? Or higher? Is this even a “good” price?

And can people afford this? Am I narrowing my pool of clientele to nobody? Will it sell?

And then after you get through all of that, you still have to share the price you set!

Maybe you are on a call, or just chatting in your DMs – and you stop. Because what if they can’t afford it? Do they think the price is too high? Will they not value it if it is too low? 

So much can come up!

But it can be easier.

You can set your prices with ease and share them confidently, no matter if it is a low ticket or high ticket offer.

It is possible.

I started selling Biz Magic Reiki Packages in 2018 at $100 for 3 months. (Don’t do this.)
And now in 2023, that same package is $3997.

There is a lot that can affect pricing – and a good portion of it is confidence.

So how do you even price and share confidently?

That’s what you’ll be learning!

In this workshop, you will ...

Basically, you will receive what you need to know to feel more self-assured in your prices and sharing them. You have more important things to do than worry about pricing and your work is too important not to share because of apprehension.

If you ...

... then come to this workshop!

The workshop, Confidently Pricing Low + High Ticket Offers, will run live on Monday, October 9th at 1:00pm Eastern Time. It will be recorded and available for replay shortly after for everyone registered to attend.

10/09 at 1:00pm Eastern

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Save your seat and begin confidently pricing your offers.

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Yes! A replay will be available! So even if you can’t make it to the workshop live, sign up anyway! You’ll get the replay!

Yes! I will be asking questions through out to see how everything is going – but we will also have a dedicated Q+A time at the end of the workshop!

I would plan to set aside an hour and a half. My goal is to be under that, closer to the hour mark – but I also want to make sure that everyone’s questions are adequately answered!