The Replay

The 4 Steps Broken Down

Step 1 – Reverse Engineer

– Release expectations and shoulds and projections from others about what you should want. And then decide on what you want to make in a year. ($50k, 100k, 500k, 1m – whatever it is.)

– Break that down into a monthly goal. $120k for example is $10k a month.

– Identify a product or service that you have. For example, as a coach, you may have 1:1 coaching.

– And how many people can you reasonably hold in this container. For me, that is 4-6 people.

– Divide the monthly goal by container size. Example: 10k / 5 = $2k per person each month.

Step 2 – Research

– Identify 2-3 people in your industry who have a similar offer. And what price are they charging.

– Remember, those prices are based on their experience and their own stuff.

– Compare the your reverse engineered price with their prices.

– Remain detached. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change that reverse engineered price – but it can give you an idea of where that falls.

Step 3 – The You Factor

– Now, how do you feel about the numbers? What thoughts come up? (Remember, this is data.)

– So if thoughts come up about it being too much and no one will ever buy it – then that is something to possibly work through, rather than base your price off of.

Step 4 – Adjust

– This is where you can spend some time playing around and connecting in.

– Based on how you weigh the different data pieces you have taken in so far, your number may vary.

Then Comes the Money Mindset.


– How do you feel about this number?

– How do you want to feel about it?

– Can you shift some how you currently feel using reframing or other tools so that it is closer to how you want to feel about the number?

Next Steps

Continue Reframing

– What if you had all the tools you need to deal with the shitty beliefs that come up?

– And you knew they worked with 100% of respondents saying it helped them?

– Wouldn’t this be easier?

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