Crystals for Deepening Your Intuition – My Picks

Crystals are amazing tools and friends from the Earth. Their vibrations and energies affect those around them. So why not utilize them for deepening your intuition? Here are my top picks.

Crystals for Deepening Your Intuition

Did you know crystals are magnificent gifts and tools? ⠀

It’s true! And they can help us in a plethora of ways! Here are 4 crystals you can use to deepen your intuition:

1. Selenite – this lunar crystal with high vibing energy will nearly instantly put you in a space for channeling your intuition. You receive a wonderful energetic boost that can help you to better connect with your intuition.

2. Amethyst – this purple quartz-sibling vibrates on a mysterious level, drawing back the curtain and connecting you to the unseen. It is great for a boost of clarity in intuition.

3. Rose Quartz – if your intuition is tied to your heart center like mine is, then you should totally pick up this loving crystal. It aided in opening up the heart space to divine unconditional love allowing for nonjudgment as intuitive truths are channeled through.

4. Aura Amethyst – vibing at a slightly more angelic and divine frequency than untreated amethyst, this crystal combines openness, divine energy, and intuitive clarity. It is like floating on lilac-colored clouds while connecting to your intuition on a whole new level.

This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few of my favorites!⠀

Do you have a favorite crystal for connecting and deepening your intuition?
Let me know in the comments below!

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