A 4-module course for greater success and relief from fears through strengthening your intuition.

Your intuition is your greatest assist in life.

Connecting with your intuition has already created ripples in your life. From increases in your self-trust to relief from some of the daily fears in your life.

But there are still times when you doubt yourself and your intuition.
“Am I truly understanding it correctly?”
“What if I get it wrong?”

While some skepticism is normal and even healthy, this is not that. The fears and doubts you are feeling are holding your intuition back. You’ll be more likely to dismiss your intuition and make decisions out of fear causing yourself more struggle. 

However, there is a solution.

You can Deepen Your Intuition.

By doing so, you will continue to uncover blocks in your intuition, learn to understand how your intuition speaks to you so you can interpret the signals with greater accuracy, and overall become more comfortable and confident in your intuition, leading to greater success and relief from the fears holding you back.


You can experience this difference by strengthening your intuition, by applying the skills and work within Deepen Your Intuition.

It is time to
Deepen Your Intuition.

What is Deepen Your Intuition (DYI)?

DYI is a 4-module course for strengthening your intuition and taking it to the next level.

You’ll be getting more intimate with your intuition by learning how it shows up for you. By learning it’s feelings and symbols. But this only gets us so far if we don’t also learn about ourselves and learn to recognize our own biases. Because let me tell you, they sure to like to appear as if they are our intuition.

Over the first three modules, you are learning those things. Integrating them. Then you end the course with application. What use is knowing things if we aren’t applying them? Your intuition is similar to a muscle in the sense that using it aids in building it. This makes the last week a very important step.

Here a look at how those four modules lay out:

The Clairs

This is how you receive your intuitions. Knowing this can allow for you to better tune the dial for when you want to hear your intuition. It is also helpful with differentiating your intuition from other inputs.


Ever notice the same numbers over and over again? (Like 11:11?) Or you go through a period of having the same things pop up in your dreams over and over? Our intuition speaks to us through symbols. You'll learn how to recognize the ones your intuition gives to you.

Shake it Up!

You'll continue building your library of symbols this week while learning to differentiate your intuition from biases that have been taught to you. (Remember, biases like to mimic intuition because they want you to believe them. The gremlins.)


The last week is comprised of two activities in which you'll be applying your knowledge of you intuition - dreams and art. Don't get concerned about the art piece, you won't need to be a professional artist for this one! (And you are not being graded on it.)

Hey there! I'm Shelby Melissa!

I’m Shelby Melissa. An energy mentor, Reiki Master, Master of Social Work, and coach for entrepreneurs.

My intuition has guided me through so many situations. 

Again, this is for you if you are ready to -

Then it is time to Deepen Your Connection.

Are you ready to live in deep trust, love, and confidence?

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What is Live Your Intuition?

On September 1st, 2020 – I was feeling the Full Moon and my intuition was telling me to journal. I made the space, took out my notebook, and starting writing.

I had some intuition that the original bonus module I had decided upon, Intuition + Business didn’t actually cover what was going to come out and that we may have to do an additional recording.

It wasn’t an additional recording, it was a whole third course in my intuition series.

It was always meant to happen. There are 4 levels of intuitives that I discuss – Emerging, Growing, Sensitive, and Deep. Remember Your Intuition takes you from Emerging to Growing. Deepen Your Intuition takes you from Growing to Sensitive. And well, Live Your Intuition takes you from Sensitive to Deep.

And while I say that I had options at this point to continue the bonus module, remove it completely, or give you Live Your Intuition – there really was no option. Because I wasn’t going to go back on what I offered. Instead, you are getting something much deeper that will also go over intuition and your business – but so much more.

Live Your Intuition is 3 modules long.
Module 1 – Being solid in yourself
Module 2 – You are your own authority
Module 3- Letting it spill over

On the other side of this you will:
– embody your intuition,
– fully and deeply trust yourself and your intuition,
– know and love yourself deeply,
– be confident in your decisions and choices,
– and be unbothered by other people’s opinions.