You’ve been playing with idea of intuition for a little bit.
Trying it on. Doing things to connect with it. To bring it back into your life.
Maybe even taken a course or read a book.

And you are ready to go deeper.

There is a pull within you. Something calling you in further.

Hear it call to you, echoing through your soul:

You are Divine.
You are powerful magic.

You are Intuitive.

This is what is calling you. The depths of who you are and your connection to the divine – whatever that looks like for you.

On some level, you know this. Be it in your heart or in your soul. You know this.

You want to remember these things and cultivate them within you.

But it isn’t just this.

Intuition is also how we feel our soul connections. That connection to the divine, the divinity within you.

It is time to take the next step.

It is time to
Deepen Your Intuition.

Deepen Your Intuition is the next step after Remember Your Intuition. This 4 week course is designed to further aid you in forging that connection.

You’ll be getting more intimate with your intuition by learning how it shows up for you. By learning it’s feelings and symbols. But this only gets us so far if we don’t also learn about ourselves and learn to recognize our own biases. Because let me tell you, they sure to like to appear as if they are our intuition.

Over the first three weeks, you are learning those things. Integrating them. Then we end the course with application. What use is knowing things if we aren’t applying them? Your intuition is similar to a muscle in the sense that using it aids in building it. This makes the last week a very important step.

Here a quick and dirty look at how those four weeks lay out:

The Clairs

This is how you receive your intuitions. Knowing this can allow for you to better tune the dial for when you want to hear your intuition. It is also helpful with differentiating your intuition from other inputs.


Ever notice the same numbers over and over again? (Like 11:11?) Or you go through a period of having the same things pop up in your dreams over and over? Our intuition speaks to us through symbols. You'll learn how to recognize the ones your intuition gives to you.

Shake it Up!

You'll continue building your library of symbols this week while learning to differentiate your intuition from biases that have been taught to you. (Remember, biases like to mimic intuition because they want you to believe them. The gremlins.)


The last week is comprised of two activities in which you'll be applying your knowledge of you intuition - dreams and art. Don't get concerned about the art piece, you won't need to be a professional artist for this one! (And you are not being graded on it.)

I’m Shelby Melissa. An energy mentor, Reiki Master, Master of Social Work, and Intuition Queen.

I know that we can make a difference in the world. I know that we can change our future. We are powerful, magical, and divine beings after all.

And I believe that everyone is born with a beautiful vision of the future. Even if we lose sight of it, it is still there deep within us. Waiting to be remembered and created. Much like our truths – we are divine, we are magic, and we are intuitive. They wait for us to remember and integrate.

And I am here to help facilitate that remembering.

You don’t need to remember your intuition – you’ve already built your connection.

Now is the time to deepen it. To step further into alignment with your heart and soul.
Now is the time for Deepen Your Intuition.

You will:
  • Further strengthen your intuitive connection.
  • Learn which ways your intuition speaks to you.
  • Develop your own intuitive dictionary for deciphering signs, symbols, and feelings.
  • Further learn about things that interfere with our intuition and learn to recognize them.
  • Apply your intuition in traditional and nontraditional ways.
  • Take another step further into your power.

Course Content:

  • 4 weeks of simple tools for growing your intuition
  • 4 recorded trainings to pass on these tools
  • A Facebook group of your peers
  • Support from me and my energy in the Facebook group


  • The Intuition Periscope
  • Intuition Power Up Series
  • The Intuition Quiz for checking your growth
  • My Intuition Meditation

This course is valued at: $547

But you can get it for: $197

I invite you to come join me in deepening our intuitive connections and further owning who we are – divine, magical, intuitive beings who can and will change the world!

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are you ready

Pay in Full

One payment of


– 4 weeks of recorded course content
– 4 weeks of homework and actionable steps to remember your intuitive connection
– Access to the special Remember Your Intuition Facebook group
– All the bonus content


Payment Plan

Two monthly payments of


– 4 weeks of recorded course content
– 4 weeks of homework and actionable steps to remember your intuitive connection
– Access to the special Remember Your Intuition Facebook group
– All the bonus content


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No. While I recommend it – everyone is at different places with their intuition and everyone takes different paths to get here.

If you would like to check out Remember Your Intuition, you can do so by clicking here.
Otherwise, don’t worry about it! Dive in! It is all figure-out-able and there are no wrong or right ways to strengthen your connection with your intuition.


No worries! The course is self-paced. So you can take as much time as you want in between each week’s content.


Because the content is prerecorded – there is an associated facebook group for you to join where you can receive peer support, create friendships with people who get it, and I can pop in to see how things are going or answer questions.

Otherwise, this course does not come with access to me. This allows me to set the price lower so that it can serve more people. Our intuition is one of our greatest tools. Many of us have pushed away or lost our connections, and remembering it is so deeply needed.

Awesome! Feel free to email us your question at