The Guidebook To Life – You Already Have It! (DYI)

You’re making the best out of life you can, attempting to make the right choices. But it is hard. Things don’t seem to add up, and there seems to be no one out there with a good answer. It’s not like life came with a guide book. Or did it?

Your intuition is your guidebook. You already have it! Now just imagine what life would be like having strong access to it.

 Making decisions comes easier.
 Your guide book goes with you everywhere. Unlimited access.
 You get better insight into possible outcomes.
 You feel more sure and in control.
 You feel completely supported.

Let’s make this your reality with Deepen Your Intuition, a 5 week course for diving into your sixth sense.

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 An increased and diverse intuitive connection
 Increased trust in life
 Easy access to me
 Outside of your comfort zone, aka GROWTH
 Getting in my frequency and leveling up yours
 Measurable growth so you can see how far you have come
 Your own personal symbolic dictionary to your intuition
 Group belonging and others understanding your experiences

What’s included:

 The 5 week course including 17 techniques for connecting to, developing, and strengthening your intuition
 5 Weekly videos where you can see me and feel intuitive energy
 Access to a private Facebook Group – You will have full access to me and get support from a loving community

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Bonus: Everyone who purchases this course will be entered to win a 1:1 spiritual coaching session with me! I will draw one winner for every 5 people who sign up! Winner will be drawn after the course starts! (valued at $93.75)
Bonus 2: A compilation of 8+ meditations by yours truly! (valued at $10)

One person went from being a Growing Intuitive (Level Two) to being a Sensitive Intuitive (Level 3). The course took them to the next level. Which is what I want to help you with. I want to take you to the next level. You deserve it. Just think of all the amazing things you can do by just raising up one level.

“But wait Shelby, what are these levels you are talking about?”

Remember above when I mentioned measurable growth? They are how you get to see how far you have come from the beginning to the end of the course!

Inside the course is the Intuition Quiz, and your results on the Quiz place you in one of four levels. They are the Emerging Intuitive (1), Growing Intuitive (2), Sensitive Intuitive (3), and Deep Intuitive (4).

The names are pretty self explanatory but: The Emerging Intuitive is someone who is following their intuition here and there but may be mis-attributing it when comes up. So they don’t really know they are experiencing their Intuition. The Growing Intuitive is able to recognize their intuition here and there but typically the noise of stress and other stimuli will drown it out. The Sensitive Intuitive is more in tune with their intuition but they still struggle a bit to really hear or feel it consistently. The Deep Intuitive is someone who is in tune and immersed in their intuition, able to feel/hear it clearly, and able to tune in even when there is an amount of distracting stimuli or stress.

You don’t already have to feel intuitive in order to connect with your intuition. You don’t have to be an empath. You don’t have to be interested in magic or all things spiritual. Intuition is available to all of us! The mystics, the students, the accountants, the farmers. All of us.

It is available to all of us just because we are human.

You are getting what has taken me years to gain in terms of knowledge and wisdom, in a five week course! I’ve paid for the courses and spent the years worth of them learning so that you don’t have to! Your intuition is one of your greatest tools. You deserve to not only have access to it, but the skills to use it in a variety of ways!

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Get your guidebook on life and level up:

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Click “Purchase Now” and get enrolled! Once you pay, you will be redirected to a page to enroll yourself in the course for when it goes live on February 4th.

Refund Policy: For whatever reason this course isn’t working out for you, shoot me an email ( with your course work so far, and I will process your refund. This must be done within one week, or seven days, of your purchase.