Deepening Energetic Self Care

As I do more and more of this work, it becomes increasingly apparent that my energy is the tool that I am using and I am in need of deepening my energetic self care.

Deepening Energetic Self Care

The Need for Deepening my Energetic Self Care

I use my energy to explore and understand energy patterns. And I use it as a channel for reiki.

That led me to thinking more about what I am doing for my energy this weekend. I think because of my work it necessitates me going beyond my previous Energy Self Care post, which you can click here to read.

If you know anything about Human Design, the fact that I am a Projector will make sense to you. If you aren’t familiar, Human Design is sort of like the Astrology of your energy. You can generate your chart for free here.

What this means though is, that my energy is absorbing. It feels many things. It brings things in. But it also focuses on others. Sounds a bit like an energetic empath huh?

But, even without that framework or understanding, I can feel the energy shifts when I am working.

I’m HUNGRY after I work. Now, I am a grazer. I tend to eat small amounts all throughout the day. But almost without fail, I will be hungry after a session. My energy needs replenishing. And sometimes that even requires a nap.

What this really brings me to is becoming extra intentional with my energy practices. And if you are like me, you are a professional or emerging professional energy worker, and you seem to feel depleted many times after working – maybe this is something to consider.

While, I am still figuring this out, I’ve been considering some things over the weekend. So, in the spirit of going beyond my previous post on Energy Self Care, I’m not going to repeat anything there such as cleansing and grounding. (Again, you can read it by clicking here if you would like.)

So, what am I doing in deepening energy self care?

-Meditation (daily)

-Vibrational healing (weekly)

-Creating sacred space in the whole home

-Taking things slower

-Limiting social media use

-Yoga (daily)

-Exploring plant vibrations and spirits

-Exploring water vibrations and frequencies

Really, like all of the things and noticing, bringing awarness to what is going on within me and my energy during each of these things.

That makes it a bit like an experiment. Which is kind of fun and exciting!

Now, remember this is all just formulating, so I haven’t implemented all of this in yet. And I like to go slow when building habits.

And I would love to hear, what do you do?

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