Energy Expenditure

This is a basic post on how I see energy and how I relate it to readings. This is all my opinion based on my experiences, and some of what I have seen from others. This is also a cross post from Tumblr.

Do you get real tired when doing readings? Or hungry? Me too! And I believe it has to do with energy.
I believe that we have energy and use energy. Much of this is unseen. When we eat, food is digested and we absorb energy from it, usually in the form of proteins, sugars, etc. This energy is stored and allows us to do things like run, exercise, walk, and basically just live. Readings take energy too.
My hypothesis is that we get some of this energy from eating and can build up reserves while we sleep. That is why many of us get tired or hungry. How does this energy get used though?
My belief is that by reaching out to the energy of another and by taking in information from multiple sources to synthesize, we use our energy. Just as it takes energy to reach out and touch a person, it takes energy for my energetic body to reach out and touch that person.
Things like grounding and connecting one’s energy with other sources can be helpful. In grounding, I draw up energy from the earth and send energy out to the earth. Sometimes I reach up into the universe and exchange energy that way. I have found that this can help in restoring my energy so that I am at least not as tired or as hungry as I would be if I hadn’t.
A lot of this I realized while I was doing free readings. With free readings, there may not be a whole lot of energetic exchange. Sometimes people will come back and leave reviews, but when doing free readings I found that I would not hear from the person again in relation to that reading. This means there was little to no exchange. Now that I am doing paid readings, there is more of an energetic exchange. The energy that is returned to me is in the form of money rather than feedback. Since I started expecting money in exchange for my services, I have not been as tired or hungry.
This reduction could be from a number of things as it was not isolated. It could be that because I have developed a habit of grounding I am not as tired or hungry. It could also be that because I have flexed my readings muscle so many times, it has become stronger and I experience less fatigue. It could be a combination of all of these things and more. I do believe that by receiving money in exchange for my readings, it has lessened my hunger and fatigue.
This doesn’t mean that everyone has to receive monetary payment for their readings. I simply mean that under my beliefs it is beneficial to recharge ourselves as readers.
My hope is that this post will help some of the readers out there who are experiencing similar fatigue and hunger.

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