Ready for your business to feel like magic? ✨

– Are you ready for more ease? For effortless posts? For what were once roadblocks to barely be bumps in the road?

– Are you ready to rise through the plateaus? For no more getting stuck at 5k, 10k months for months on end? For a flowing river of creative ideas?

– Ready to take on the next level with more confidence? To stop waiting for eht other shoe to drop? To know the flow of energy and be prepared for it?

– Are you ready to spend more time on the things you love and less time in your business? To travel more? To have more time play video games with your partner? To have time for making homemade pizzas with the kids? For sleeping in or afternoon naps? For poolside relaxation?

Well, guess what!

All of this is energy!

You are. Your business is. Your clients are. Your team members are.


And that means we can shift the plateaus and the uncomfortableness. We can bring in more confidence, smooth out expansion bumps, draw in the right team members to support you, and more!

Remember, your biz has a purpose. You’ve decided to do this for A REASON. Your family. Joy. Travel. FREEDOM!

You’ve spent the time and energy building your business. You’ve put in the late nights and early mornings learning business strategies. You’ve toiled over launching offers. You’ve worked to grow your audience and nourish them.

You’ve supported your business.

Now it is time to bring in the energy work so you can reconnect to that purpose and let your business support you.

Imagine This:

It’s the end of the month and you are calculating your numbers. And although you knew it, it is still a surprise to see that you’ve had your most profitable month ever! You knew the sales would add up but it was just so effortless! The increased creativity and flow led to new connections for extra opportunities. Clients who knew they were ready. A $6,500 package sold on a follow up call. Finally breaking through that resistance and hiring a contractor. It all added up! You exceeded your sales goals and had you best month ever!

You relax into your lounge chair. The sun is shining and you’ve got your favorite bubbly drink next to you. The sun is shining and the temperature is just right. As you drift off, another notification comes through for another sale.

What excitement would next month bring? What random gifts would you receive? What goals would you exceed? You can see clearly that your business can be more than you even dreamed of! And you are ready!

I know this is possible, because these are all things that clients have achieved and received through Energy Work for Business!

Let's support your business with some lush energy work!

"I experienced less crazy emotions in making decisions in my business & I was supported in expanding my capacity to receive more money & opportunities. After every session I would receive a new order or opportunity flowing in :)"
Karla Mejia
Angel Face Beauty

What is Energy Work for Business?

As with many things, it all started with a question – “Could energy work be used on a business?”

This was a good question. And one that intrigued me.

Theoretically, it could work. If everything is energy, then a business should be energy as well. Thus, I had my hypothesis – energy work could be done on a business. The next step was to test it.

And thus it began. First with single sessions delivered via PDF. Then with packages and single sessions conducted over a Zoom video call.

The Results?


These beta testers, including myself, saw:

– shifts in mood from stressed or worried to relaxed and confident
– increase in ideas and creativity
– unexpected invitations that helped open doors in our businesses
– sudden increases in email lists
– positive responses to social media and email content
– receiving correspondences from potential clients during and after the session
– more testimonials flowing in
– AND increases in business income!

Since the inception, I’ve performed over 170 sessions, and there has been so much more achieved by business owners and entrepreneurs like you! One even expanded her launch from 7 clients to nearly 20 resulting in a $40k+ launch!

Listen to Kristen talk about her experiences, and her $40K+ launch below!

All the good stuff you'll be receiving:

All of this gets wrapped up into a 3 month package including: 1 compass session for planning your package, 9 energy work sessions to support your business’s success and growth, and messenger support through either Voxer or Telegram.

And as a bonus ...

… You’ll be getting the Boost Your Biz Bundle!

This is probably my favorite bundle for entrepreneurs!

In this bundle you are applying an understanding of energy and energy work to your business! Because your business is energy – just like you are! The first 4 videos build an understanding of energy and how you are an energy changer and work through it.

The Up Your Biz Energy Series is then applying energy to your business! This series gives you a framework for understanding how energy applies to your business and how to begin working with it.

And then you also get some guided energy meditations! So much like watching a replay for group reiki session or a sound bath – all you have to do is relax and let the energy flow! Each of the videos targets a specific topic, so you can watch them in order, or just watch them as you feel called. And you can watch them over again whenever you or your business need a little boost!


"I used your tracks to reiki my posts today!"
Sabrina Fletcher
The TFMR Doula

Why this is soooo Good


The 3 Month Energy Work for Business Package includes: 1 sixty-minute Compass Session, 9 sixty-minute energy work + coaching sessions, and Voxer Support.

The Compass Session helps us to lay out your goals and what you want to do as part of our time together. Goals will sometimes shift throughout the process, but this helps us to start laying the foundation.

The Biz Magic Reiki Sessions are 60-minute sessions where we go into what you want, releasing and integrating energy, connecting to your current and coming clients, magnetizing your biz, and SHIFTING energy so you can achieve your goals!

Messenger Support via Voxer or Telegram. Only my clients get access to this. So, you get special access to me AND I am more responsive here than I am anywhere else. Additionally, this is where I may give additional boosts or energetic insights. These are priceless as there is no way to calculate all the immense value I’m giving here.

The Boost Your Biz bundle is one of my best bundles. You get reiki-infused video meditations to boost your biz and your efforts in between sessions and beyond. You also get my ideal calendar packet for creating your ideal work week, the You are an Energy Changer video series and the Up Your Biz Energy video series.

So if you want to create a magical life and business, this is for you! But you may still be wondering if you truly can, well keep scrolling!

They did it, you can do it too

REMINDER: Shelby is an energy goddess & if you feel stuck & like a crazy person you need to work with her.

I have been working with Shelby for almost 5 months now & she has been so instrumental in my growth & success. Every week I come to the calls feeling like a crazy person trying to make decisions for my business, worrying about the HOW & she just cleans my energy up & gets me high vibing again.

As someone who sells products & services for living a peaceful life I must embody peace within myself to be in alignment & without Shelby I wouldn’t be able to take my embodyment work to the next level. THANK YOU.

And since she has helped me clean up my energy & help me open up to receiving I have experienced;
– Random $1,000 gifts from family {twice}
– Got gifted a coaching session with another one of my fav coaches
– Got a raise at work even tho they announced that no one was getting an increase
– Helped me open up to receiving twice the amount of money than I expected from my condo settlement as I separate from my BF
– Helped me through breaking up with my ex
– Helped me break through the resistance of trusting a company do my packaging & private labeling for my essential oils
– Since receiving my oils all labeled & packaged beautifully I have sold 65 in the last 2 weeks
– Helped me get clear on my bigger long term vision for my life & business
– I am also getting to move into a new beautiful space rent free for a few months that has a beautiful garden
– I am also getting new beautiful furniture gifted to me & I also received a cleaning lady today

This is only things that have happened within the last 2ish months & the list goes on & on….

Consistent energy work is life changing
That is all xo”

— Karla Mejia of

After working with Shelby, I’ve started achieving so much more than I would have on my own. This package is so powerful on so many levels–energetic support, personal accountability, and even a bit of coaching is worked in.

Shelby is an amazingly talented intuitive. Often, her insights would mirror something I had just realized or experienced on my own, confirming what I needed to do or focus on next. Other times, she would offer advice that didn’t fully make sense in the moment, but within a matter of days, I knew exactly what was meant. Either way, she was always spot on and able to see what I couldn’t. Shelby kept me on track, focused, and steadily moving toward my goals.

The energetic shift that has occurred in both me and my business is remarkable. After months of feeling underprepared and fighting impostor syndrome, I am finally stepping into my power as a business owner. I’m finally feeling like I’m past the “startup” phase in my business and now in a stage of true growth!

— Elizabeth Strawn

ready for your Biz to feel like magic?

Pay in Full

$ 3997 one-time payment
  • 3 months of support
  • A call to get on the same page with your goals
  • Nine one-hour energy work sessions (can be calls or pdfs)
  • Messenger support via Voxer or Telegram
  • Extra energetic boosts and check ins over messenger as needed
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to the Boost Your Biz Bundle
  • BONUS: an extra one-hour energy work session

Flexible Payment Plan

$ 1350 3 monthly payments
  • 3 months of support
  • A call to get on the same page with your goals
  • Nine one-hour energy work sessions (can be calls or pdfs)
  • Messenger support via Voxer or Telegram
  • Extra energetic boosts and check ins over messenger as needed
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to the Boost Your Biz Bundle
"I had my highest month of income in my new business during the weeks/month following attending Shelby's group sessions."
Kelli Tompkins
Artist and Designer at Mint Fresca

About Shelby Melissa

I graduated with my Master’s of Social Work in April of 2016. My therapy training has given me experience in truly listening, looking at multiple solutions, creating action plans, and personalizing each session to your needs. This is not a therapy session, but a combined energy work and coaching session in which you receive support, guidance, and tools for creating the life, business, and vision that you desire.

I have been on multiple spiritual paths since 2002 – Neo-Wicca, Neo-Paganism, different groups under the pagan umbrella such as Norse-based and Hellenic-based, soft-polytheism, hard-polytheism, and animism. In 2015, I received my certificate for being a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner (CMP) through Marissa Moondaughter. And I have been reading cards since 2005, receiving insight, guidance, and new perspectives.

I received my final Reiki attunement on January 1st, 2015 making me a Reiki Master. And in 2020, I became a practitioner of the Expansion Principle, founded by Dr. Alexis Edwards. I have seen memories, past lives, and guiding spirits. I have received messages on health, awakenings, next steps, and more. All while busting through energetic blockages keeping entrepreneurs from moving forward.

I strive to ensure my coaching is inclusive and LGBT-affirmative. My sessions are a safe place for you to be you. This means I will use your correct pronouns, the ones you use for yourself. I also strive to use gender-neutral language, where gender is unknown, and not assume anyone’s sexuality. If I make a mistake, I do welcome corrections. As a queer person myself, I understand how important it can be to truly been seen and affirmed. 

"Shelby is literally a rose quartz crystal for you and your biz!"
Ardelia Lee
That Projector Guide


Once your purchase is made, you get access to my calendar and you can begin scheduling in your sessions immediately! Or you can schedule them in a handful at a time. But we’ll get your Compass Session on the calendar ASAP so we can chat and plan!

Right now, I have availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. But we can make special arrangements if need be.

Yes! We’ll get you access after your Compass Session.

Every client who has gone through this package has expanded in their business in some way, however, we legally cannot guarantee any specific results, and we are obligated to say that the results above may not be typical.

Of course! Feel free to email me at