Foundation Bundle – Access Granted

Foundation Bundle – Intro

  • Repeat the affirmation to yourself: “I am made of divine energy. I am powerful magic. And I am intuitive.” For added effect, tell it out loud to yourself in the mirror.
  • Journal on: How have you and/or others distanced you from your divinity, magic, and intuition? Bonus: Begin healing with “Thank you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you.” where appropriate. Alternatively, “I forgive you and release you with love” if that feels better.

Foundation Bundle – Cleansing

  • Do the meditation. Repeat.
  • Look at other ways of cleansing. What else piques your interest?
  • Journal: Where are you picking up the majority of the gunky energy? What new boundaries could you set?

Foundation Bundle – Grounding

  • Do grounding like how I show you. Repeat.
  • Search grounding videos on YouTube. Do any of those resonate more with you?
  • Journal/notice: When do you feel the most ungrounded? By noticing this, you can better know when to ground ahead of time or build up grounding habits that best support you.

Foundation Bundle – Shielding

  • Spend some time playing around with your shield/barrier. What feels best?
  • Revisiting boundaries: Are you taking on too much of other people’s stuff? Are you giving too much to others or work or projects?
  • And thinks to think on: Are you sensitive? Do you easily place yourself in the shoes of others? When they feel something, do you feel that too? These aren’t bad things. They are just things to be aware about ourselves that may mean that shielding could be more of a priority.

rose quartz bar 2


  • Journal: How have you been taking care of your mind and body? How have you been taking care of your spirit? What things can you do to take care of yourself in all of these areas more?

  • Do the activities in the video.
  • Rub your hands together and then place each one face up either in your lap or beside you. Focus on feeling with your palms. What do you feel? Pulsating? Tingling? Warmth? That is energy! You just did some energy work!

rose quartz bar 2

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