Full Moon Ritual: Cleanse and Prepare

Dreams often tell us things. They help us sort through our consciousness and create understanding. But they can also contain messages and prophecies. And in my case, deliver a Full Moon Ritual!

The shop has many items. On the counter is a basket of candles on sticks. The candles are no bigger than the average crayon. The sign says the whole basket is for $5. I can afford that, but my intuition tells me that they don’t belong there. I ask the woman behind the counter. She informs me that they indeed do not belong there and takes me to the correct display. I cannot afford all of them, so I search through the display and find a pack of two candles- one black candle on a stick, and one sparkling white votive. For clearing and cleansing. This is the one. The Full Moon is coming.

The Full Moon is coming. Where I live, it will be on Friday, September 16th. In honor of the coming moon phase, I have created a preparation ritual.
Now is the time to clear our energies and cleanse them in preparation for the manifestation of the Full Moon. Are you ready?

Full Moon Ritual: Preparing for the Full Moon

Supplies Needed:
  • A small black candle and holder.
    This can as small as a birthday candle or as big as a votive.
  • Matches or lighter.
  • Your favorite dark clearing/cleansing crystals.
    Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Smokey Quartz are some good examples.
  • Snowy or Crystal Quartz. Quartz, especially points are great at helping to direct energy in a grid. But it is also used to represent the Full Moon coming.
  • Your favorite cleansing herbs or incense.
    If your candle is a votive or tea light, you can sprinkle some herbs on it. If your candle is too small, opt for the incense.
  • Some space.
    You will be wafting the smoke from the incense or air above the candle towards yourself. You may want a space where the candle is waist to chest high and where there is enough room around the candle for you to move your hands and arms.
  • Make sure you have water or an extinguisher nearby, just in case.
    Along this line, please be careful about what you are wearing. You don’t want to catch your clothes on fire. (Ex. Long draping sleeves.)
Full Moon Ritual Steps:
  1. Set up your candle. If you are using herbs, sprinkle a pinch on your candle at this time.
  2. Consider using incense and setting it up close to the candle. If you are not using incense, you can skip this step.
  3. Lay your crystals in a design around it. You are making a crystal grid but the design does not have to be elaborate or jam packed with crystals.
  4. Double check that you have your lighter or matches near by.
  5. Raise your arms and face to the sky. If you cannot do both, one or neither are okay. Then call upon the Moon to aid you in your intent of clearing and cleansing. You can say, or sign, something along the lines of: “Oh dearest Moon, I pray that you may lend your power for this ritual of clearing and cleansing. May you give your protection and guidance.” Or create your own call to the Moon.
  6. Light your candle, (and incense if you are using it). Then say, or sign, something to the effect of “Oh bright candle (and herbs/incense), I pray that you may clear and cleanse me in preparation to receive the Full Moon’s glow.”
  7. Visualize the light from the flame (and the scent/smoke) clearing and cleansing your body, mind, and energy of any grime and sludge. If you have difficulties visualizing, you may say, or sign “By this light (and scent/smoke) I am cleared and cleansed of any grime and sludge.”
  8. Open your eyes and repeat this chant fourteen times, or repeatedly sign – “I am cleared and I am cleansed.” (If you cannot see, then please be careful about this next step.)
  9. As you chant, waft or wave the air to you. This allows the powers to really seep into your energy. You want to make sure you are aware of where your candle is, as to not burn yourself or knock it over. This is where having space comes in handy.
  10. After the chant has been completed, close with thanks to the candle (and herbs/incense) and the Moon.
  11. You may put out your candle (and the incense if you used it) and save it for another time.
  12. Carry the crystals, or a couple of the crystals used with you until the night of the Full Moon. (You don’t want 20 or 30 medium sized crystals weighing down your pocket!)
  13. Now go prepare your Day of Full Moon ritual by writing out your ritual or printing it out and collecting the supplies. (Hint: That is what the sparkling white candle was for!) And know that you are ready to receive!

For those unable to have open flames, this Full Moon Ritual focuses around the flame. It would be difficult to substitute something such as a fake candle. If you do so, you may have to change chunks of the ritual above.

Print or copy this ritual and go prepare yourself! You are ready!

Do you have a ritual you use to prepare for the Full Moon? Share it below!
Have you tried this ritual? Share your experience below!

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