You ever notice how many programs there are in society that tell us not to receive?

We have to be independent and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, so we can’t ask for or receive help.

We have to work hard for our money and earn it, so we can’t just receive money.

Gifts must be given for a reason. We can’t just give freely, or receive freely.

And in order to celebrate, you have to *do* something. You have to earn it.

So over time, we shut down to receiving and put conditions on it through which it must happen or we cannot accept it.

But you don’t have to accept this any longer. You can change this.

You get to receive abundantly.

You get to receive, just because you do. No stipulations. No conditions. Just receiving.

You get to work hard, when you want to. And you get to receive money regardless. You get to receive when you rest. You get to receive when you play.

On the beach. While sleeping. On a plane. In a snow storm. On a boat. In a car. (You get to receive anywhere, anytime Sam-I-Am!)

Let’s expand receiving and celebrate it with a party!

While Galentine’s Day started on Parks and Rec as a celebration of friendships between women, it grew into a whole celebration off screen! It further evolved into a celebration of friendships overall.

And you and I are taking this a step further with to celebrate receiving, our relationships as entrepreneurs in community with one another, and with money!

The party agenda ...

If you ...

... accept the party invite!

Come to the Zoom party with your favorite drink on February 13th at 5pm Eastern!

There is no dress code for this party, but please feel free to dress up and have fun! Wear those big, chunky earrings you like! Or that comfy, fuzzy sweater! Or heck! Wear your pajama bottoms. No one is going to know!

This is your invitation!

Are you ready to receive?

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Yes! A replay will be available! So even if you can’t make it to the party live, RSVP anyway! You’ll get the replay!

Yes! I will be asking questions through out to keep it lively – but we will also have dedicated Q+A time!

I would plan to set aside an hour and a half. My goal is to be under that, closer to the hour mark – but I also want to make sure that everyone’s questions are adequately answered!