Grounding and Centering

Grounding and Centering is one, or maybe rather two, of my favorite activities. Both of these activities have been instrumental in my journey, and in the journeys of others. Here, I’ll share the steps I use and that you can replicate!

Grounding and Centering – 1 step for more joy and fulfillment

If you’ve read My Story, then you know I had a really hard time about a year ago with depression and anxiety. I needed to do something to get myself out of that rut. And so I dove into the spiritual side of life.

I tried so many things. Some stuck. Some didn’t. But one of the very easy steps I took was to Ground and Center myself.

Now, I am not someone who is great at doing things regularly. I start and stop things all the time. But even with my irregular practices, grounding and centering myself really helped to build a foundation for all the other stuff I would come to do.

Watch the video below to hear more about it and to be taken through my quick Grounding and Centering exercise.


Step 1. Sit in a comfortable position. I like to sit with my legs crossed, back straight, and hands clasped (like one is praying – /\ ) in front of my upper belly.

Step 2. Visualize growing roots. They move towards the ground and tunnel.

Step 3. Visualize your energy exchanging with the energy with the earth. These roots work two ways- bringing energy up into your body and releasing energy down into the earth. This not only serves to get the energy flowing but to also remind us how we are all connected.

Step 4. Move your clasped hands up the middle of your body and over your head until your arms are all stretched out. As you do this, visualize you are growing a flower bud or branches, whichever you prefer. You are using the energy that you are bringing in to help it grow, much like a real plant!

Step 5. Turn your palms upward then outward. So instead of facing inward in the clasped position, they are facing the opposite way. You are getting ready to blossom or grow a full head of branches and leaves.

Step 6. Bring your arms down but still straight. Visualize yourself blossoming or the branches growing and filling in the area, nice and full with leaves.

Step 7. When your arms reach back down by your legs, turn your palms upwards and rest them on your knees. You have completed your growth and now you can exchange energy with the universe as well. Visualize yourself taking in the white light from above and exhaling the energy back out. This continues the exchange and ends the grounding section.


Step 8. Keep your position and visualize all of your layers of energy being pulled inward to your heart. This begins the centering process, which is only a quick couple of steps.

Step 9. As the energy collects, move your hands upwards as if you are holding the energy. Pay attention to your energy moving up through your legs, in through your head and back, into the ball collecting in front of you.

Step 10. Bring your hands together like in the clasped position at the beginning of the grounding section. As your hands come together visualize the energy ball being pushed into your physical body.

Step 11. Spend some time in this position just breathing. You have now grounded and centered.

How did going through the meditation feel? What was your experience? Tell me in the comments below!

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