Happy New Years! – 2018 Looking at New Goals

The New Year tends to come with the setting of Resolutions. And what are resolutions, but really special goals we set at the New Year?

So, what are you looking to accomplish or do in 2018? Take a moment to brainstorm and really get clear on what you want. Then narrow this list down to one. You can have more than one, but for this post just pick one that you want to work with.

Now that you’ve chosen a goal, let’s make it “smart!”
S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic/Relevant
T – Timely

To really sum this up, it means making the goal into something you can easily determine achievement for. This makes it easier to break down and actually achieve, rather than stress about meeting a goal, or if you brain is like mine, it gives the brain less space to try to make things up to tell you that you didn’t make it or do good enough.
Here is what I said mine is: “Grow my business.”
My “smart” goal is more like: “Grow my business by 4x what I made in 2017 by the end of 2018.”
Specific and Measurable – 4x 2017 (This I can easily track)
Timely – end of 2018
Achievable/Realistic – I have almost grown my business 6x this year, so 4x isn’t too un-achievable or unrealistic. It will stretch me a bit, but won’t push me into something that I just cannot do.
Give yours a try. Take your goal or resolution, and then make it into a “smart” goal!
Once we have our smart goal, we can break it down!
So if our goal is to live a happier life in 2018, what things would be indicators of a happier life? Would it be seeing friends more? Would it be having more self care time?
From there we can also break it down into steps.
Let’s continue to use my goal.
“Grow my business 4x what I made in 2017 by the end of 2018.”
For my goal, there really aren’t any indicators to choose. It is pretty specific already.
But, it can be broken down into steps.
So what are some things I can do to achieve this goal?
Well, I can: launch programs, do more freebies, do some group challenges, go live on FB more, create new programs and offers, etc.
Do some brainstorming, and then start organizing your steps! Like an outline!
1. Step
a. Break down the step
Here is part of mine for example.
“Grow my business 4x what I made in 2017 by the end of 2018.”
1. Launch a Program
a. Plan Content
b. Create a Funnel
c. Create a Sales Page
And this goes on. Put in as many Steps as you want to take, and then break down that step into as many smaller steps as possible. And from there, you can keep breaking down each level until you have a bunch of baby steps! But sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming, so just break it down as far as you feel comfortable with.
So, give it a try for yourself! And leave a comment below with your goal, “smart” goal, and some of your outline!

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