How to Create a Sacred Space

You’ve heard of Sacred Spaces, and you may have even seen them on Pinterest or Instagram. But now you are interested and you need to know how to create a sacred space. This post has you covered.

How to Create a Sacred Space

Before we get into how to create a sacred space, let’s talk about what they are.

What is a Sacred Space?

A Sacred Space, in the way that we are talking about it here, is an area which to dedicate to religious, spiritual, or magical activities. This may include praying, manifesting, meditating, doing energy work, etc. And this type of Sacred Space is highly personal. It could be used for group gatherings, but usually it is used by one person and it reflects them in some way

How to Create a Sacred Space

There are many things to consider when creating your own sacred space. Let’s walk through them!

Picking Your Space

In creating your sacred space, you’ll want to consider the location. That means, where are you gonna put it?

Some things I would recommend considering are:

How much space do you have available to you? If you have a small apartment or even a dorm, then a box or a shelf might work best. If you have a larger home, maybe you can dedicate a corner or a whole room to your sacred space. For example, my husband and I currently live in a one bedroom apartment but we do have two decent sized closets – so I use the smaller one.

Is the location in an area where you won’t be disturbed? Because this space and the things you may decide to do within it can be highly personal, you may wish to pick a spot where there is less traffic, where people won’t be barging in, or that is relatively quiet – if possible. Sometimes these things aren’t really available or possible at the moment, and that is okay. You’ll be working with what you have, so do your best! Again, my space is our spare closet which means it is out of the way and it has a door that I can close when I want more privacy.

What is the purpose of your Sacred Space? For example, if you want a space to meditate, then you may want space for sitting. If it is a dedicated space to a deity, like Gaia for example, maybe you’ll want to consider an outside space. Mine is a workspace / healing space, so I want it to be relatively quiet and out of the way.

Creating the Vibe

Once you have your location picked out, you’ll have to decide what you want to put in it! Everything has energy, so what you pick to put in your space creates the whole vibe/feel of the space! When thinking of how to create a sacred space, I think this part is the most fun!

Here is a link to my Sacred Space Pinterest Board. It’s where I go for ideas. Click here! (You’ll also find an example of a mini altar, which could be used like a mini sacred space or portable sacred space. And really an altar and sacred space are very similar.) But of course, this may vary for you, as the purpose for your sacred space may be different. So you may want to take that into consideration when you decorate!

If you want to include some crystals in your sacred space, you may also be interested in my blog post, How to Pick a Crystal! (I’m totally a crystal person, so my space has a lot of crystals. They also pour out into the rest of our apartment too! lol)

You may also wish to consider what kinds of smells or sounds you want in your sacred space. This may be more difficult if your sacred space is in a dorm room for example, versus if the sacred space is its own room

Cleansing/Dedicating the Space

Once you have things together, or whenever you want really because cultivating a sacred space is sometimes an ongoing project, lol – you may wish to cleanse and dedicate your space!

For cleansing, you may find it easiest to do a smoke cleansing by burning herbs or incense or a sound cleansing, by playing soothing sounds or ringing bells. This blog post of mine is about cleansing your own energy, but it may also help get you thinking about cleansing your space too! Click here to read it!

Then for dedicating the space, you may wish to say a few words about your intentions for the space, or even write them down and keep them in the space somewhere!

And that’s how to create a sacred space!

But ultimately, there are no rules!
So don’t feel limited by what you see or hear! Create your space to fit you! And have fun!

Do you have a sacred space? Or are you creating one? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

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