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Omg yeay! I am so glad that you are here! This bonus is such a HUGE support as you are journaling but not sure if you are doing it right or if you are finding yourself stuck.

Below, you’ll find videos on topics such as how I journal to find your own groove and what to do when you come across thought spirals, resistance, and perfectionism while you are journaling!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to shout me out on Instagram, @shelbymelissa, to let me know how it is going!



  • ● Oxford Languages defines journaling as the act of writing in a journal or diary. Thus, there are many ways one could journal.
  • ● Journaling for me is self reflection.
  • ● Start here and find a way that works best for you!


This is the framework I used to work through the prompts in the journals above and thus may support you as you do them as well. However, there is no one way to journal and this then is certainly not the only way. It may not even be the best way – because the best way for you is going to be the most supportive for you. So allow your journaling skills to grow and develop over time. 

Even if you have some framework for journaling already, it may still be helpful to understand how I do it. Thus, I encourage you to watch the videos regardless. But watching or listening is up to you!


  • ● The 3 main techniques I use in my own journaling: conversation, probing questions, listening to my body.
  • ● Disclaimer: Mindset work and journaling like this are not substitutions for therapy.
  • ● Journal like you are having a conversation. Respond to yourself and listen to the ways in which your mind responds to what you are writing.
  • ● Probing questions prompt you to go deeper.
  • ● Clarifying questions prompt you to elaborate or frame something in a different way to promote more understanding.
  • ● As you journal, notice how your body reacts. Sometimes your body will react before your mind even catches up.


Sometimes our brains aren’t very helpful and they can get stuck in negative thoughts that can get real dark, real quick. If find that you are someone whose brain does this, here are some tips on how to deal with it!


  • ● A thought spiral is when you have negative, self-degrading thought after another after another after another.
  • ● If you are prone to thought spirals, it can be helpful to reach out to a professional mental health professional for additional support.
  • ● If you can catch yourself before you get stuck in a spiral, shift the topic. Shift your focus away from the trigger.
  • ● If you do find yourself in a thought spiral, disengage. Stop journaling and go engage your mind in something else.
  • ● Getting stuck in thought spirals does not make you a bad person nor someone who is unworthy. They happen to many of us. Release the shame and guilt and pressure.


Wanting to journal on something, but can’t seem to actually get yourself to do it? You may be experiencing resistance. Here are some tips for moving through it.


  • ● Resistance is the refusal to do something – either consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously. So you may not always be purposefully or fully aware you are engaging in resisting a topic or resisting journaling.
  • ● Resistance isn’t a wholly bad or wholly good coping skill. Release the judgement from it and see it as data.
  • ● Resistance may come up in different ways, so when you do notice it, go ahead and write it in your journal. Over time, you’ll may begin to notice a pattern to your resistance.
  • ● Take care of yourself, then come back to address it when you are ready, or feel like you want to be ready.


Are you also a recovering perfectionist? Me too! It definitely likes to rear its ugly head at the least opportune times. But we can do something about it! Watch this video for some tips that I found to be helpful!


  • ● Perfectionism is sneaky and can show up many different ways while we are journaling.
  • ● Try to remember that perfect does not exist.
  • ● If you know you deal with perfectionism, journal on what it means to you.
  • ● Practice journaling imperfectly.
  • ● Have self compassion and engage in self soothing talk.
  • ● And remember, you don’t always have to work through perfectionism alone. Reach out to a trusted loved one, a friend or family member, or reach out to a mental health professional.


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