How to Pick a Crystal

So you want to get your first crystal. Or maybe you have a couple but aren’t really sure how to pick a crystal. There are so many ways to pick crystals and so many crystals! It all seems overwhelming. Deep breath. Relax. I’ve got you covered with three ways to pick a crystal!

It’s so funny that I am coming back around to writing this post, because I was just out picking up some crystals today! A wonderful synchronicity!
Let’s begin just by walking through the experience.

First, you have to find a place to get your crystal or crystals.

I went to a local Metaphysical shop called Sandalwood and Sage. They have a wide selection and the owners are really nice! They are listed as a cultural gift store and as a gift shop on Facebook, so these are also terms you can Google as well a metaphysical shop for local places near you.

You can also get crystals off sites like Etsy and Ebay from various sellers, although I find you have to be a bit more discerning in these cases.

The local University here also has a Geology Club who have Silent Auctions and sales every so often and I’ve gotten some cool things at really great prices – including this botryoidal beauty, this pink slice of the ocean, and this delicious botryoidal that looks like soda bubbles.

I also highly recommend Bekkathyst.com. Bekka and her family run the business and they stock a large range of crystals! But if you see something, act fast because they tend to run out of stock quickly! I got this obsidian sphere and amethyst moon from them. Hot tip though: Whenever you buy online, make sure they ship to your country.

Once you have that squared away, you can begin to pick your crystal!

So how do you pick a crystal? Here are three ways!

One – You can decide what magical or metaphysical property you are looking for. Look up in a book, search online real quick, or ask the store attendant or owner and see which ones are good for what you want them to do.

For example, today I decided I wanted something for speaking my voice, my wishes, my desires, for showing up as me. I have a lot of fear around this – what if people don’t like me, what if people judge me and say bully me, and the deep one, what if my husband thinks I am crazy and leaves me. So I was looking for crystals to help me break these fears. I know a few that are good and googled to be sure while I was in the store – Sodalite, Celestite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Amethyst, and more.

Two – Did you know your intuition can help you pick out crystals? It can! Your intuition is an amazing tool! Let your intuition guide you. Spend some time looking at the crystals, gently touching them, picking them up if you can. Where does your attention keep going back to? Which stone feels the best in your hands? Which one fosters a positive, light reaction within your body?

Back to my shopping trip! I had my list, now I had to figure out which ones I wanted. I decided on Sodalite but there were two that I was debating between. So I held each one in my hands and felt into the crystal. When I still couldn’t decide, I grabbed one of their nearby pendulums and asked my intuition which one I should get. The pendulum also helped me to decide that I should get a piece of Celestite as well.

Which brings us to the last one.

Three – Pick one that looks pretty! No seriously. Just pick one that you like!
Out of the pile of Celestite they had, I picked the big one on top! Not only was it similar in size to the Sodalite I had picked, but it was gorgeous! So bam! That was the one I got!

Now go try it!


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