Pricing got you down?

I get it.

When I first started doing energy work with businesses – I charged $100 for 3 months of the beta. 12 sessions, 1.5 hours each, plus voter support outside of the sessions.

🤢 I had to raise prices each quarter for years just to get close to the point I wanted to be.
🤢 I got burnt out because I couldn’t support myself without taking on a ton of clients.
🤢 And I’m sure people were like “wtf mate?” (Bonus points for those of you who get this reference!)

I’m going to help you avoid this.
Join me for a FREE Workshop on how to set sustainable prices!
👉🏻 avoid a whole realm of money struggle
👉🏻 avoid burning out your audience on price increases
👉🏻 create an energetic exchange that supports you and your audience
Sustainable prices are ones that you set that can continue. Maybe you shift prices at some point – but you and your audience won’t get burnt out.
In this workshop, you are going to set your own sustainable prices and get the money mindset to support them so you can –
✅ start off on a better foot AND …
✅ know what you need to be supported, AND …
✅ feel more confident with that price! (Lack of confidence leads us to setting lower, unsustainable prices and getting into that sticky cycle.)

Join us and get out of the lack cycle!

When: June 11th at 12:00pm Eastern Time
Need to find what that is for your time zone? Set the time of the workshop for Detroit or New York.

Where: Zoom
It will be "webinar style" meaning that I will be on camera and sharing my screen with you but we will ask you to keep your camera off, your mic muted, and to submit questions via the chat to protect each person's privacy as much as possible on the recording that will be available for replay.

We respect your email privacy

Yes! A replay will be available! That is why we are asking everyone to keep their cameras off and their mics muted.

Yes! I will be asking questions through out to see how everything is going – but we will also have a dedicated Q+A time at the end of the workshop!

I would plan to set aside an hour and a half. My goal is to be under that, closer to the hour mark – but I also want to make sure that everyone’s questions are adequately answered!

Yes! As you may know, I’ll be sharing an offer with you, and that offer will come with a special bonus. I don’t want to give away all the details, but for less than $50, you can get a session with me! Pretty good right? ❤️