How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

This is my Mercury Retrograde survival guide. I’ll show you how to survive Mercury Retrograde. You can make it through!

FirstCheck to see if it is actually in retrograde.

That way you can accurately blame Mercury. Because I know I am always trying to blame it, but if it isn’t in Retrograde, then we can’t move through it in the best way possible. And don’t forget about the shadow period a little bit before and a little bit after. We can still see some hiccups during that time as well.

Mercury is the planet of communications. And not just talking to someone face-to-face, but online, texting, messaging, etc. That means technology too! This coupled brings us to the next piece

Second – Save your data and back it up!

If you can catch it before Mercury goes Retrograde – PERFECT! Save and back up your tech. But if it has already gone into Retrograde, save and back up your data and tech anyway. Take every precaution that you can. We can’t prevent everything, but we can minimize the effects.

This past shadow period, I recently got a new video game and data on my save files were erased TWICE! The first time I just lost a little bit of play time. I thought maybe I had just forgotten to save so I became extra conscious of when I had saved last and was making sure I saved every time I ended the game. I was even checking my completion percentage before turning off the console. But two days later I lost a day and a half worth of data. It was horrible because I have completed one of the games in the trilogy at 100%! AND I had started in on another one of the games and was like 25% of the way in. But the data was gone and I was starting back at like 75% on one game and 0% on the other!

So watch that shadow period too!

Third – Double, even triple read all text communications!

Since Mercury rules communication, re-read everything you write or type or voice to text. Look for places where miscommunication could happen. Ask yourself “How could I make this a little more clear?” And check for any grammar or spelling mistakes. These can also lead to miscommunication.

Fourth – Think before you speak.

I admit, this isn’t one I am great at. But during Mercury Retrograde, it causes double the trouble. I cannot tell you how many conversations my husband and I have that somehow lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and frustration. So, try to slow down. Think. Take time away from a conversation if you need to.

Which brings us to the next one. Retrogrades are all about revisiting, reevaluating, reconsidering, re- things.

Fifth – Take time to revisit things.

Reevaluate how things are going for you. Is this where you wanted to be? Are things working out? Where can you pivot? Look at things and plan it out. Then when Mercury goes Direct, you’ll be ready to take action!
I love doing this! I get out my journal, and because Mercury Retrograde seems to bring things up anyway, I never seem to run out of things to journal on! Like just now I have something new to journal on – where does my frustration stem from in certain conversations?

So, tell me!

What do you do to survive Mercury Retrograde? Which of the things above are you going to start doing?

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