How to Trust Yourself More – Follow these two tips

You are your own authority, especially in your business. So why don’t you trust yourself? Here’s 2 of our tips on how to trust yourself more.

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How to Trust Yourself More

So you run a business. Whether you create physical products, create digital content, or you are a contractor – trusting yourself is important. And it can be hard to do. I know for myself, it has been.

US society teaches basically anyone who isn’t a white, cishet man – to question themselves. We are gaslit. Questioned. We are told we can’t know things. And that we need to let other people make that decision for us or do the thing for us.

“Don’t worry about moving that. Let John carry that for you.” – I can’t decide if it is to heavy for me?

“Bisexuality doesn’t exist – just pick a side.” – I don’t know myself and my own sexuality?

You catch my drift. So, how do we deal with this? One way to do so is to build trust in yourself. You trust yourself more. Here’s two tips.

1. Stop giving others more authority.

Don’t get me wrong. We each have our areas of competency. I’m not a doctor. But I do know when something is up with my body, and I can ask for a second opinion or ask my doctor to make note of the situation in my chart. (For example.)

But you are the decision maker in your business. You get to take the advice of others and filter it. Does that person have any competency in the area they are giving advice in? Are they someone you trust? What does your intuition say? – Which leads us to the next point.

2. Use and trust your intuition.

There are so many strategies for growing a business out there. So many different ways to connect with potential clients. So many different paths you can take. And the majority are not any more “right” than another.

I think many of us get wrapped up in education and learning of these strategies. It is great to learn! But some of us, including myself, use it as an excuse to not move forward. To not take action. Which makes it especially important to bring in our intuition.

To decide – bring your intuition into it. What does it say? What are you led to do? And trust it! Trust your intuition!

And that’s it. Those are the two tips. Now, you just need to implement!

Implementing our tips

Whenever your business coach or someone tells you that this is what you ‘should’ do, or whenever you are figuring out your next steps – take a moment remind yourself that you are the one who gets to decide. Then tune into your intuition. What are you being led and guided to do or follow?

Feeling a little stuck on implementing our tips on how to trust yourself more? Got a vague idea but want some support?

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