Intentional Transformation – Who do You Want to Become?

Who do you want to become? Let’s talk Intentional Transformation! Purposefully looking ahead and becoming the you that you want to become. (TW: Emotional Abuse Mention)

Intentional Transformation

Lately, I’ve been thinking about “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” At 27, it sounds a bit silly to think about who I want to be. As a teenager, you think that by the time you are almost 30 you would have it all figured out.
You don’t think that you’ll become stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship at 22. Don’t think that your anxiety will get worse at 25. Don’t think that you’ll burn out of your dream profession before you even start at 26.

But reality is, we never have it all figured out.

And things happen that we don’t predict.

In the last 4/5 years that the above happened, I’ve grown and healed A Lot. But I want to keep moving forward.

So, I’m looking at the things I want to cultivate more of within me.
Love. Compassion. Strength. Confidence. Vulnerability. Connection. Peace.

And the things I want to let go of.
Fear. Anxiety. Shyness. Isolation.

Here comes the intentional transformation.

In order to do all of this, I am adapting to how I think I would look and act as this new me. I’m wearing somewhat different clothes. I am taking more time to care for myself and enjoy my time for myself.

I am giving to myself. It is all gifts from the me I want to become to the me I am shedding.

I am setting magical intentions to transformation. See the previous blog post on the setting intentions and magic.

So, who do you want to become? What intentional transformation do you want to go through? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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