Interpreting Your Intuition Quiz Results

The guide to further interpreting your intuition quiz results. Haven’t taken the quiz yet? Click here to get it!

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Further Interpreting Your Intuition Quiz Results

You’ve taken the quiz now, Yeay! And you have your results, Yeay! But what does it really mean to be an Emerging Intuitive, Growing Intuitive, Sensitive Intuitive, or Deep Intuitive? Let’s dive into each one!

Emerging Intuitive

If you scored 16-26 points, then you are an Emerging Intuitive. This is described in the quiz as follows –

“Your intuition is just starting to emerge. You may find that the voice of your intuition is soft. Your gut feelings may be misattributed or suppressed. Your intuition is already there and you have vast potential. This is just the beginning.”

Basically, you’re new to your intuition. You may have been denying it for some time. You may not have known this was a thing, being intuitive. Society does a really good job, at least in the US, of telling us that we are not intuitive, or that it is a lesser good. Logic gets put up on the pedestal, next to religious zealousy.

If you are not new to intuition, you probably didn’t score here.

The next level is the Growing Intuitive.

Growing Intuitive

You may be a Growing Intuitive if you scored between 27 and 38 points. We’ve described this level in the quiz as follows –

“Your intuition is growing. You may be listening for it, but it is still soft. During situations of stress, the noise can drown out your intuition. With more practice, the voice of your intuition can grow louder and you will be able to hear it over the noise.”

You obviously know what intuition is. This may not be your first intuition quiz. You may know what the worlds clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc. mean. Or maybe you read tarot or oracle cards, which takes some amount of intuition to read more accurately.

You may also still experience a decent amount of limiting beliefs and disbelief or unsurety with your intuition. “Was that my intuition? Did I just cold-read the person? Did I pick up on some other cue? Must have been coincidence.” Those sorts of thoughts are not overwhelming but they are for sure, there.

Next, we have the Sensitive Intuitive.

Sensitive Intuitive

If you scored between 39 and 50 points, then you are a Sensitive Intuitive! Here is the description we use in the quiz –

“You are sensitive to your intuition. You can hear its voice and are in tune with your gut feelings. Continue to give yourself time to listen and it will begin to come to you more easily.”

You are probably listening to your intuition regularly. It shows up in different ways from finding objects that were lost to knowing who is calling without looking to making decisions.

I found it pretty easy to move through the first two groups – even though they are all structured pretty evenly, you may find you moved through them pretty quickly as well. And that is because they are similar to discovery and 101 levels of knowing. Here you are moving into the graduate level, and it can be difficult to grow beyond this – if you want to. (And you may not want to. You may feel pretty satisfied.)

The next level, is the fourth and last one, the Deep Intuitive.

Deep Intuitive

Lastly, if you scored between 51 and 64 points, you are a Deep Intuitive! And as we said in the description in the quiz, congrats!

Here’s what the rest of the description said –

“You are able to discern your intuition from other signals and often listen to it! This has created a deep relationship with your intuition. Continue to connect with your intuition in your daily life and you can really go far!”

I mean, there isn’t much else to say here. You are probably a professional like a card reader, intuitive coach, etc. Or you use your intuition in all areas of your life.

You live your intuition!

Now, if you aren’t here yet, then how are you supposed to grow your intuition to get there? You grow it!

How to get to the next level.

But what does growing your intuition look like? Well, you can play around with using it. You can try tapping into it in different areas of your life – work, relationships, decision making, low risk situations, etc. And you can see how it goes.

OR – you can follow a proven method instead of creating the wheel all over again.

Growth for Emerging Intuitives

I would recommend getting to know your intuition with Remember Your Intuition. This is my easy to follow 4 week course for doing just that! I walk you through different areas of awareness to begin discerning what is your body, your mind, your emotions – and what is your intuition. So, if you find yourself asking – “Is this my intuition?” This may be a good fit for you. Click here to learn more and sign up for Remember Your Intuition to grow into a Growing Intuitive.

Going to the next level for Growing Intuitives

I would recommend playing with applying your intuition in Deepen Your Intuition. In this 4-week course, I walk you through the clairs, developing your own intuition dictionary, and applying your intuition in some fun and low-risk ways! You know what your intuition feels or appears like to you – but it is time to further clarifying your intuition, giving your intuition more references to draw upon, and then actually using it in purposeful ways! Learn more and sign up for Deepen Your Intuition by clicking here.

Taking it all the way for Sensitive Intuitives

Now, for the juicy bit – intuition growth for Sensitive Intuitives. I have a lot of love for everyone here, because like I said, I spent a lot of time in this group. And it also took some time to understand exactly what helps to grow your intuition into that last level, the Deep Intuitive. What I recommend for all of you Sensitive Intuitives is Live Your Intuition. This is my newest course in the intuition library. This 3 week course is all about DEEPLY and FULLY trusting your intuition in such a way that it creates CONFIDENCE in your decisions, choices, and in yourself! It is juicy. So, to learn more and sign up for Live Your Intuition – click here! (If you are seeing this before 10/19/2020, then we are currently in the pre-launch for LYI! So click the link and get on the waitlist so you can get the course at an extra amazing price!)

Tell us!

That’s that on interpreting your intuition quiz results! What level did you get? Where do you want to be? Do you now have a plan for getting there? Which course are you taking?

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