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Journal Prompt – Turning Shame into Magic

Where ever there is shame, there is magic blocked. We fragment ourselves and shove the pieces into the shadows to avoid shame. But the same happens to our magic. So instead, let’s bring things to like with some journaling, and begin turning shame into magic!

Journal Prompts: Turning Shame into Magic

I said this yesterday, and I mean it – Shame is the blocker of magic.

Where ever there is shame, there is magic blocked.

Let me explain.

Shame is an intense feeling. It is a powerful motivator. We don’t like feeling it. And we don’t want to ever feel it again.

But it also sticks things hard in our memory.
Just thinking about shame probably brings up memories as a child where someone made you feel bad about who you were, what you liked, what you did, etc. OR when you heard it happening to someone else, and you felt that shame too.

Memories of judgement and condemnation.
Of ridicule. Humiliation.

Sometimes these memories are so strong, that we even feel shame just from remembering that memory. We still feel the impact of it so many years later.

The Fracture.

Whenever this occurs, we fracture off that piece of ourself that could invite shame, and we hide it away in our shadows. Sometimes we learn to be okay with it, but other times it stays sitting in the shadows.

So, over time, more and more of who we are is pushed into the shadows. Essentially, locking away pieces of our magic with them.

Because our magic, the magic we all have, locked within every cell of our bodies, within every part of our personality and heart. It is our soul, our source connection, our divine energy shining through.

So, we lock the magic away that is these pieces of ourselves, until we consciously address them. That is – we are going to be turning shame into magic.

Addressing the Pieces, and the Shame.

So how do we go about doing this? How do we consciously address the shame and the pieces of ourselves in our shadows?

Well first, we have to bring awareness to these pieces. So we observe as we go through our day. Directly, we become the gentle observer of shame. When did we feel shame? What was it about? But also, the feelings of shame may have dissipated but the judgement did not. When did we avoid things? When did we judge ourself? What did we say?

Then from there, we journal.

The Journal Prompts – Turning Shame into Magic

Guess which questions we are starting with! If you said the questions above, you guessed right!

Thinking back over your day or the previous day, depending on when you like to do your journaling, reflect on these questions:

– When did I feel shame? What was it about?
– When did I avoid something?
– When did I judge myself? What was it about? What did I say?

Then we can start looking at where it came from. This is somewhat of an optional step. Sometimes it helps to look at the roots of the story or thoughts, but other times it isn’t so helpful. So, feel free to explore with this, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

– Where did I learn to feel ashamed about this?
– What happened?

And we flip the script! Much like with limiting beliefs, the things we feel shame about can be flipped. We can change the story around them.

– Write out the limiting version.
– Then flip it. Make it empowering, like it is an affirmation.
(Ex: “Pink is a stupid color.” can become “Pink is the color of flowers, a color that is beautiful, like me!”)

Use the affirming and empowering statements as a magical chant against the limiting versions. Repeat throughout your day and any time the limiting version comes around to banish it away!

That’s it!

You’ve done it! You’ve gone through the process of turning shame into magic! Use these journaling prompts as often as you would like!

And come join us in the That Magic Life Facebook Group to receive uplifting support as you go through this process!

Remember: as you reclaim those pieces of yourself, you reclaim your magic along with them!

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