Live Your Intuition

The latest and last intuition course in the “Your Intuition” series is coming. And you have the opportunity to join the live recordings beginning in Late October! After that, the recordings will be used in the course as replays. The Pre-Sale for waitlist members only will begin 10/19 with special pricing. So if you don’t want to miss out on the special pre-enrollment pricing, fill out the form and get on the waitlist below!

What is Live Your Intuition?

On September 1st, 2020 – I was feeling the Full Moon and my intuition was telling me to journal. I made the space, took out my notebook, and starting writing. I had some intuition that the original bonus module I had decided upon for Deepen Your Intuition, Intuition + Business didn’t actually cover what was going to come out and that we may have to do an additional recording. It wasn’t an additional recording, it was a whole third course in my intuition series. It was always meant to happen.

There are 4 levels of intuitives that I discuss – Emerging, Growing, Sensitive, and Deep. Remember Your Intuition takes you from Emerging to Growing. Deepen Your Intuition takes you from Growing to Sensitive. And well, Live Your Intuition takes you from Sensitive to Deep.

Live Your Intuition is 3 modules long.
Module 1 – Being solid in yourself
Module 2 – Owning Your Authority
Module 3 – Whole Self Living

On the other side of this you will:
– embody your intuition,
– fully and deeply trust yourself and your intuition,
– know and love yourself deeply,
– be confident in your decisions and choices,
– and be unbothered by other people’s opinions.

Again, pre-enrollment with the special pre-enrollment pricing will begin on 10/19. Public enrollment will begin on 10/26 at a higher price. So – if you want to save at $100 – then fill out the form below!

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