Lumina Tarot: 0 The Fool

I received the Lumina Tarot at the tail end of 2015, and I wanted to spend some time getting to know the deck in a different way than I usually do. Usually, I jump into shuffling the cards and conducting readings for free or for fun. This time though, I am going to take some more time before I move to reading with it. I will be posting entries on each card with my interpretation. These may or may not line up readily with the interpretations given to them by Lauren Aletta at Inner Hue. (You can purchase your own deck here.) In the end though, that won’t matter. I hope to have a set of interpretations that suite me and my work with the deck. I hope you enjoy seeing what I come up with and that you will continue to follow along!

 0: The Fool

The Individual on this card appears to be dancing across a field. Butterflies take flight around them and a fawn looks on with interest. The fawn and behavior of the individual tend to indicate a child-like take on this card. The individual appears to be expressing a carefree attitude, which I am also interpreting as light heartedness. The butterflies aid in the carefree interpretation and also add an element of being free. The colors on this card are bright and happy, all falling in line with these interpretations.
The card also speaks messages. Enjoy life. Express a love for life in all that you do. Take time to just enjoy yourself without the weight of the world putting pressure on you to “be an adult” so to speak. Let yourself just be. Don’t forget to listen to the beat within your heart and dance to it. It doesn’t matter if others can’t hear it, or don’t hear it the way you do. They may not feel it the way you do or at all either. Don’t let that get you down. Continue to let your spirit soar carefree. It may seem like you are native to others to let your inner child out to play, but your inner child has their own knowledge and wisdom to give to you. Live your life to the fullest and don’t let others get you down.


What do you see in this card? Leave your interpretations below!

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