Lumina Tarot: I The Magician

 I: The Magician

An individual holds their hands out before them. Their tools appear before them in a display of power. They are showing you what they can do, and what they can teach you. The individual is a seer. Their piercing eyes have seen through your display already. They know your inner spirit and what lies at the core of who you are. They can teach you to see the connections between all things, how to wield the magic within you, and transform yourself with knowledge.
This card tells of power, connection, and knowledge. Power and knowledge to transform one’s surroundings and circumstances. Knowledge of connections to obtain what is necessary. Power to use connections and create new paths. Then there is also a hint of magic – mysterious and primordial energy. This magic is a creative force that can be tapped into but not controlled.


What messages do you receive from The Magician? Share your interpretations below!

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