Lumina Tarot

Lumina Tarot : II. High Priestess

II: The High Priestess

The mirror clouds over in purple smoke and an individual appears. Their eyes draw over you, evaluating you. You begin to ask your questions. Question after question running out of your mouth. You barely gasp for air between each one. You are desperate for insight and arcane wisdom. The individual begins to ask these questions back to you. They echo in your mind. But before the individual vanishes from the mirror, they give a gift. One of inner power for you to sort through your own questions and find the knowledge you have within. “Go within.”

The High Priestess is a card of looking within. They are the inner mystic and seer in us all. When present in a reading, the High Priestess asks us to delve deep into our inner selves in search of lost arts and arcane information. It is a test of seeing the unseen and subtle messages in the world around us. This card can indicate clarity and mystery, or a need to learn tarot, divination, energy work, runes, mantas, etc.
What does the High Priestess whisper to you?


The Lumina Tarot is by Lauren Aletta at Inner Hue and Tegan Swyny at Colour Cult;


  • Elyssa

    She is one of the card I put in a “feminine power” category, for me, she is a sign to go deep within you and search for what makes you special and strong. She is also inviting you to honor who you are and love yourself entirely 🙂

    • shelbymelissa

      Nice! I like the “search for what makes you special and strong” interpretation! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the High Priestess!
      What deck does your favorite High Priestess come from?

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