Lumina Tarot: III. The Empress

III: The Empress

The field is wide and far reaching. Animals and humans alike work the earth as an individual wooden staff walks around assisting the various groups. They always seem to find the ones that need it the most and water appears out of thin air in their hands for those who are thirsty. Their knees are dirty. Their feet are bare. And their smile lights up the whole field. You would expect someone who has been standing in the sun working hard to smell like sweat, but this individual smells like fruit and berries still. The earth begins to cool and the group moves off to lay in the grass. Wildflowers bloom around the group and trees reach out to give them shade. There is laughter and food a plenty. The individual with the staff looks to you and winks before tending back to their busy worker bees.

The Empress is a warm card of growth and harvest. The Queen Bee among the workers. Nurturing and grounded. Conscious of human effects on the earth. Fights for recycling, greener technologies, supports local farms, and keeps honeybees. To achieve all of those things, The Empress card also tells of creativity and strength. Harvests will grow to abundance under this card.

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  • Dana Marie

    I’ve always loved The Empress and also flower crowns, so I really like this depiction of her, haha! Bees are such a good metaphor for fertility and abundance and I really like the imagery that comes to mind when I see this card. <3

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