Lumina Tarot: IV. The Emperor

 IV. The Emperor
An individual walks between the pines. Each row of plant was neatly lined. The deer and elk followed, orderly and aligned. The individual sees you but continues on. The migration happens at the same time each year and must not be stopped. A young fawn struggled to keep up, so the individual carried this growing baby over their shoulders. With strength and gentle touch. You follow and see that each individual has their place. No one moves out a line. Each one helps each other as they need, grab food as they move, and all lay down to rest at the same time. The Emperor leads them and directs them with tradition and structure.

The Emperor is physically strong with a focus on tradition and law. Everything and everyone has a place and a purpose. They can seem stoic at times, but have a soft spot for those in need, the young, and the elderly. They are bold yet fair in their decisions. They may seem straight laced but still very Santa like in kindness and giving.

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