Lumina Tarot: V. The Hierophant

V. The Hierophant

You happen upon a community. Seeking still answers to your burning questions. Members of this community all direct you towards a single building. It was built in the middle of their town, with all roads and paths leading to it. Curious, especially after hearing high praise for this individual, you follow the path you are on to this home. You knock on the door. The Hierophant answers and invites you in before you are even able to begin asking your questions. They offer you a seat in their home. They give you a smile and silence. One question in particular rises to the surface of your mind. You ask the individual sitting across from you. They respond with a story they were told when they asked the same question. You receive your answer and thank the Hierophant for their time. As you sit later with the story, more answers and lessons come to life. This story will serve you for a lifetime.

The Hierophant is tradition of the spiritual and religious. They teach you the things they were taught and have learned. Stories from ancestors are passed down through the ages, becoming legends and warnings. They hold the torch of knowledge for their community, guiding healing rites and ceremonies marking each stage of life. Seek the Hierophant when looking for guidance outside of your inner self and intuition. They have much to teach you.

When you see the Hierophant, what do they tell you? I want to hear what messages you receive! Leave a comment below with your interpretations!

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