Lumina Tarot: VI The Lovers

VI. The Lovers

As you travel away from The Heirophant and the community, the trees become denser creating a beautiful forest around you. Yips and barks accompany the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs.

You stop and observe two wolves chasing each other. They are jumping and nipping playfully at each other, switching between who is being chased and who is doing the chasing.

They remind you of a time when you did something similar. You playfully chased a love interest around the park. Falling on the ground, holding hands, and watching the clouds go by. Occasionally, you would glance over from the corners of your eyes to watch them as they watched the clouds. Your world seemed at peace. It was the beginnings to love.

You also remember seeing other romantic couples in the park as well. Some holding hands. Some sharing ice cream cones. Some reminiscing about their younger days together giggling. But some of it was less happy. Some were comforting each other. Some appeared blind to the warning signs of their partner. Others were even arguing. Love in all forms and dealing with all kinds of situations.

You watched the wolves disappear further into the woods and wished them happiness. For you knew love could be blind and painful, there is no avoiding arguments, but love could also be rewarding in sharing a life and growing together with someone, or multiple someones.


In the Lumina Tarot, The Lovers is depicted as two wolves chasing each other around a wheel, dealing in matters of the heart. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, including any and all of the following:
To love, there is two sides. The butterflies, the romance, racing of the heart. And the pain and blindness.

It is full of contradictions. It is fast; It is slow. It is passion; It is devotion. It is healing; It is painful.

Love is also about choice. The choice of who to let into your life and a choice of how much you are willing to open yourself to it.


How do The Lovers present to you? Share your interpretation of this card in the comments below!

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