Magic: Actualizing Intentions Ritual

You are full of magical creation and manifestation – bringing what you want into reality. You set goals, you work hard to achieve them. Give your efforts a boost with this Actualizing Intentions Ritual!



Actualizing Intentions- What does this mean?

Actualizing Intentions is just really about bringing what we want into reality. So in that respect, it is very much like manifestation, however I’m using Actualizing Intentions to separate out this kind of manifestation from the manifestation talked about by the Law of Attraction.

Why do it?

Doing a ritual like this is like giving a boost to bringing what we want into reality. Many times we are also making plans and taking more physical steps towards our goals. Or even doing the mindset work. This is like taking spirit steps, energy steps towards our goals. All of these things are actions we are taking, but the more steps we take, the closer we get!

So, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it can help give you that boost!

Pre-Ritual Planning

Know that this ritual may take some time. How much really depends on how much you write out and how long it takes for the candle to burn completely. I would suggest at least setting aside 30-45 minutes for the ritual, but then be prepared to watch the candle for a couple of hours.

Before and after the ritual is also a good time to cleanse. If you wish to do that, I would suggest factoring how long your method of cleansing takes and include that in the time you are planning to set aside for this. You can find my suggested cleansing methods here. To be honest though, I almost never do this. It can be helpful though, so I do suggest considering it but if you are constrained for time, don’t necessarily worry about it.

There are also certain times that are even better for actualizing intentions! Such as during a New Moon, this allows the intention to grow and come into reality as the moon grows. But you don’t have to wait for the right moon phase. Any time is good.

You’ll also want to consider what you need for the ritual and if you have all the supplies readily on hand.

What you need:
– paper + pen/pencil (alternatively, a computer and printer)
– lighter or matches
– fire safe dish or container, such as a candle holder
– a flat surface
– a candle (preferably a white tealight that isn’t going to take forever to burn; alternatively, a birthday candle is great just note you’ll need something to keep it upright.)
– container of water or fire extinguisher

The Actualizing Intentions Ritual

You may feel like you want to adjust this or try something else. Experiment and see what works for you!


1. Write out the things you want to bring into reality. Be specific. And keep it in the present tense. For example, the flower is blooming. (Alternatively, type them out in a word doc and print it off.)

2. Fill your water container with water and keep it nearby. (Alternatively, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.)

3. Set up your paper, fire safe dish, candle, container of water, and lighter/matches in a well ventilated space, away from flammables. Also note, that the candle will be burning down all of the way, so you’ll want to set up somewhere where you can keep an eye on the candle.

4. Fold and your paper with your intentions. Connect into your heart and divine self.

5. Send your intentions into the paper. Like really push what you want to release into the paper, into the words you wrote. Visualize what you want to occur.

6. Place the paper under the fire safe dish.

7. Place your candle in the fire safe dish. Make sure that is secure and isn’t going to fall over.

8. Light the candle.

9. Watch it burn for a bit, visualizing the release occurring.

10. Keep an eye on the candle as it burns down completely.

11. Once the candle has burnt out, clean up and dispose of it. But you can save the paper as a sort of charm as what you want becomes reality.

Post Ritual Self Care

After the ritual has been completed, just notice how you are feeling. You may even wish to write any feelings or realizations or messages down in a journal or on a note.
Sometimes magic working can leave us feeling tired. If you notice you have less energy after the ritual, and if you are able to, ideally, I would suggest taking a nap or giving yourself space to relax. If you are not able to, just try to give yourself some space and do what you can.


Did you do the ritual? How did it go? Or do you have a different actualizing ritual you do? Share in the comments below!



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