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Magic: Releasing Ritual

As we go through life, things happen or we pick things up. But there usually comes a time to let go and release. That’s where some magic comes in. Let go of things holding you back or weighing you down with this Magic: Releasing Ritual!

Releasing – What is it?

Releasing is something that happens when we let go of something. In this case we are talking more specifically about letting go of energies, allowing them to move from us and be transmuted. Be that by the Earth, by the Universe, a deity, etc.


Why is it important?

Sort of like how we can only physically hold so many things, our energy field can only hold so much energy. We can pack and push more energy in there to an extent, but we can also let go of things, release things, so that we can bring in new things. Typically, we look to bring in things that are better for us or more conducive towards our growth and spiritual paths.

Releasing also helps us to let go of things that are holding us back, keeping us stuck, or even more actively harming us. We can release emotions (usually pain, anger, jealousy, resentment, etc.) around a thing, person, or event. Emotions are usually the result of something. They are our reactions to that thing. Reliving those emotions brings that thing back up in our awareness and we become stuck in this cycle. When we release these emotions, we can finally then move through them and, obviously, let go. We break free of the cycle.

We can also release attachments to things, people, or events. For example, if we wanted something to go a certain way, we had an attachment to that plan and that can keep us from moving forward. When we release these attachments, we can then move forwards.


Pre-Ritual Planning

Know that this ritual may take some time. How much really depends on how much you write out to release and how long it takes for it to burn completely. I would suggest at least setting aside 30 minutes, but more optimally would be 60 minutes.

Before and after the ritual is also a good time to cleanse. If you wish to do that, I would suggest factoring how long your method of cleansing takes and include that in the time you are planning to set aside for this. You can find my suggested cleansing methods here. To be honest though, I almost never do this. It can be helpful though, so I do suggest considering it but if you are constrained for time, don’t necessarily worry about it.

There are also certain times that are even better for releasing! Such as just after a Full Moon, all throughout the Waning Moon phase, and on Lunar Eclipses. But you don’t have to wait for these times. Any time is good. 

You’ll also want to consider what you need for the ritual and if you have all the supplies readily on hand.

What you need:
– paper + pen/pencil (alternatively, a computer and printer)
– lighter or matches
– fire safe dish or container
– container of water


The Releasing Ritual

This is a very common way of releasing. You may feel like you want to adjust this or try something else. Experiment and see what works for you!


1. Write out the things you want to or need to release. (Alternatively, type them out in a word doc and print it off.)

2. Fill your water container with water and keep it nearby. (Alternatively, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.)

3. Set up your paper, fire safe dish, container of water, and lighter/matches in a well ventilated space, away from flammables. If possible, outside is recommended as there are typically less things to accidentally catch fire close by.

4. Fold and your paper with your intentions. Connect into your heart and divine self.

5. Send your intentions into the paper. Like really push what you want to release into the paper, into the words you wrote. Visualize what you want to occur.

6. Place your into the fire safe dish. Make sure that is contained within the dish and is not going to fall out or blow away.

7. Light the paper.

8. Watch it burn, visualizing the release occurring.

9. Clean up and dispose of the ashes.


Post Ritual Self Care

After the ritual has been completed, just notice how you are feeling. You may even wish to write any feelings or realizations or messages down in a journal or on a note.
It is also important to drink lots of water and be sensitive of the types of things you are eating. Personally, my stomach is always a bit more sensitive after releasing, especially big releases. This may or may not be true for you, so just notice it and consider it.
You may also become tired. If you are able to, ideally, I would suggest taking a nap or giving yourself space to relax. If you are not able to, just try to give yourself some space and do what you can.


Did you do the ritual? How did it go? Or do you have a different releasing ritual you do? Share in the comments below!

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