Magic: Scrying for the Modern Witch

You are probably familiar with the image of a person gazing into a crystal ball telling fortunes. Let’s give this an update in Scrying for the Modern Witch!

Scrying for the Modern Witch

What is scrying?

Scrying is the act of using a surface, typically a crystal ball, to gaze upon. It is typically done to see the future but it can be used for purposes of reflection, spiritual exploration, and exploring the unconscious.

Scrying for the Modern Witch

You can use a crystal ball if you want. You know me, any excuse to buy a new crystal. (And if you want one, I totally recommend Bekkathyst.com.)

But, scrying for the modern witch may look different!

There are so many other surfaces! And, you have one that you are probably carrying around with you nearly everywhere.

Your phone!

It is a dark, reflective surface, much like others used – water in a dark bowl, glass placed against a dark surface or painted black on the back,or an obsidian sphere.

How to Scry

Set yourself up in a space where you will not be disturbed. Turn off the lights or turn them down. This not only minimizes the reflections on the surface of your phone, but also the unconscious will more readily create shapes and patterns.

Now, set up your phone so that you can gaze into the screen. (You may also wish to turn your phone off so you aren’t interrupted by calls or notifications if you are using an active phone.)

Soften your gaze. Let your eyelids drop a little or let your eyes close slightly. Then you adjust your focus. It is kind of like looking through the phone rather than focusing on the surface of it.

Allow what comes up to come up. Don’t force yourself to see anything. If something comes up that you would rather not see, for whatever reason, you can draw your focus away from your phone and stop scrying.

After a scrying session, or throughout if you have this skill, write down or record what you noticed. Use your intuition to decipher the images or look to see what other people’s interpretations would be. (And make sure to some extra discernment about the sources you are pulling from and if their interpretations apply to you or not.)

And that’s it!
Go try it out and let me know how it goes!

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