Magic – Setting Intentions

Setting intentions can be a magical experience. And by that, I really mean we can use magic to bolster our intention setting process. So let’s infuse some magic in our lives and intentions.

Creating Magic Through Intentions AKA Magic of Setting Intentions

When you start something new, work on a new goal, or reach an achievement or milestone, it is always good to set an intention, something you are aiming for. And you know what, today is Monday, the first day of the week and thus a good time to set an intention! So, let’s set one together with a little magic. Bonus points if it is an intuition intention!

You will need:
– a pen
– a piece of paper
– a lighter or match
– a fire proof dish/container
– And because we will be working with fire, please keep water and/or an extinguisher nearby (safety first!)

Write down your intention on the paper. Then hold the paper and work a bit of magic! Visualize and feel your intention coming true. What would it look like? How would you feel? Emphasis on feeling it. Visualizing helps, but feeling is key, so don’t worry if visualizing isn’t your thing.

Push all of this energy you just gathered into the paper and your intention. You may feel the energy move through you. If you can’t feel it, that is okay! Just trust that it happened.

Now, remember to be safe with fire! Put the paper in your fire proof container and light it up! Release your intention!

Alternative Step: After putting the energy you gathered into it, put the paper in a crystal grid with crystals that match your intention. Or just put some crystals on top of it. Let the paper charge in the grid over night before burning the paper in a fire proof container.

And like magic, your intention is set! Well, not like magic. It is magic!
What was your intention? Share it below so we can all send it an extra boost of energy!

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