Magic: Ways to use The Sims

We live in an age with technology and so many new things! Magic, like us, evolves. The tools we use change as the world changes. That is why we can use things like our phones, computers, and even video games for magic. In the blog post, I’ll talk about a couple different ways to use The Sims for magic!

I’m going to assume you are here because you know what The Sims is (a video game where you control people and their lives). And just like anything else, it can be a tool for magical workings! So let’s get into some of the different ways you can weave magic in your gameplay!

– Use it like a vision board

Because of the open nature of The Sims, you can create your dream home and life!

Much like with a vision board in which you are putting images up that represent things you want to bring into your life. A car. A home. New hair. New wardrobe. A loving partner or partners. A family or pets. In The Sims, you can create yourself and all of the things above! And if you can’t find something that you want, someone has probably created it as a mod.
Then, whenever you play this game save, it builds energy, like a vision board. It brings the things you want into your mind, like a vision board.
Anything you don’t want any more or want to change, you have the power to do it!

– Use it as a mirror to your life

Going along with the example above of creating your life in The Sims, instead of starting with your dream life, you can start with how your life is now. Then, as you play, you can make changes that reflect the changes that you want to see in your life.

Want a new job? Make the Sim-You get a new job.
Want a raise? Get that Sim-You working on it.
Looking for some romance? Send your Sim-self around town.

The sim that you have created to represent you is basically a poppet. So what you do to the Sim-You, happens to the Human-You.

– Create a magical home base

In The Sims, you basically can create any sort of building you want. And if you don’t have the pieces you want, someone probably had made them and uploaded them for you to download into the game. (I’ve even seen houseboats.)

Because of the flexibility of this game, you can create your own magical home base!

In this case, a magical home base means a non-physical space where you go to create magic. This can be in your own energy, in the astral, etc. With the game, you would be creating a reflection of this space. Something for your mind to grasp a bit easier as visualizing can sometimes be a bit difficult.
Hot tip: This also works as a hidden altar or sacred space if you are not able to have one where you live.

As for how to know what this place looks like, start with what you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition. And don’t worry, there will be a meditation to come if you still find yourself struggling.

What video games have you used for magic? What did you do?


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