Magical Courses with Shelby Melissa

Courses are a great way to learn, explore, remember, and deepen our understanding. Many of the courses listed are run different times throughout the year, so you may find that enrollment is only open a couple times a year. If you find one that you are interested in, and enrollment is not open, feel free to reach out to us at and we can discuss your interests!


Your intuition is one of your greatest tools. By strengthening your intuitive connection, you can not only receive guidance on what to do next, but also receive knowledge and wisdom from the Universe and importantly, grow trust within yourself. Take the FREE Intuition Quiz to see which course you should start with.


1. Remember Your Intuition – this is a 4 week course for the Emerging Intuitive who is seeking to reconnect to their intuition. (Because it has always been there all along.)

2. Deepen Your Intuition – this is a 4 week course for the Growing Intuitive who is looking to dive into their sixth sense.


Energy makes up everyone and everything. It is nearly always moving and changing, as it is never created nor destroyed. By learning to work with energy and intentionally create changes in energy, we can work all sorts of magic!

  1. Raise Your Money Consciousness – this is a 4 week course using an understanding of energy to begin transforming your relationship and experience with money.

Divine Self

We are all multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, divine beings. We are not just of the Universe, but I believe we are an expression of the Universe. However, we forget this. We aren’t taught to remember who we truly are. Well, except for now. So many people are remembering – be it on your own or with my help, you can remember too.

1. Unlock the Divine You – a 4 week course for remembering and tapping into your divinity.