Make it Your Year

It’s 2019. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before – Make it Your Year. But this isn’t just about some fun motivational thing. How 2019 is going to go for you, is really up to you this year. Learn how 2018 is playing into what is in store for 2019 and what I am doing to move forward.

2019 isn’t a “It’s gonna be a good year.”
It is a “We’re making it a good year.”

2019 is about taking back control and doing what is in your power to not just survive but thrive!

I was feeling this energy even way back in October. I told my grandma and my husband that this year was going to be a make it or break it year.

Which sounds quite scary,
IF we aren’t trusting in ourselves.
IF we aren’t going to put up a fight and reach beyond. (Plus Ultra, anyone?)

Let’s break down what has been going on.

2018 reduces down to the number 11. In tarot, this corresponds with the 11th Major Arcana Card, Justice or Strength, depending on the deck you are using. And both have fit very well.

With Justice, we saw accountability, consequences, and the balancing of the scales. There were many things that were just down right hard about 2018. Lots of struggle in personal lives and in the world. We worked to bring things back into balance, to restore justice where possible. And these scales are still balancing.

With Strength, the struggles we were dealt with all tested us. We had to look within to see what actually made us strong in the face of adversity. And we were given the choice to walk forward or retreat. (Knowing when to do either is a balance in itself.)

These lessons bring us into 2019, with the 12th Major Arcana Card, The Hanged One. This is a card of perspective. Somethings will need to be released and we will asked to see things in different ways.
And one of those things is 2019.

We can decide to see 2019 as another hard year.

Or we can see it as preparing ourselves for the boss fight. As our training grounds. And implement the things we learned in new ways as we come upon new challenges.

I’m saddling up.
I’m getting my training montage on.
I’m deciding to smash through 2019, 1,000,00%!
(Are you getting all these references? lol)

I can see who I can become. She is determined and fierce. She is in charge and owning herself. But she is also relaxed because she knows she can handle whatever comes her way. And even though 2018 was like a punch to the gut, she has worked hard through 2019, and she is able to let go and embrace gentleness as she moves forward.

I’m reaching into the future towards her. Drawing in her energy into the now. And continuing to reach beyond.

Are you feeling this 2019 energy too? Tell me how you are making it yours!
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