Meditation: Discover Your Magic Space

As mentioned in last week’s post, I said there would be a meditation coming to discover your magic space. Getting to know the scenery, what the space looks like, and what is in it.

But what the heck is a Magic Space? How is this different from like an altar in my room?

The Magic Space I am talking about here, is not a physical space, but a place within your energy that you can do all your magical workings from. For some people, this also exists on the astral plane and it acts much like a home base for them there. But for the purposes of this blog post and meditation, we are sticking talking about the Magic Space within your energy, within you.

Because this space is within you, it is also a bit of a reflection of your magic. And it even makes for a great place to do some magic workings from.

What does the meditation do?

The purpose of the meditation is to guide you in connecting to this space. You’ll visit your Magic Space and be able to explore it. You may find things there that are not of this world, things that may come into your waking life and will become important over time, or even things that you already have in your life. For example, there was a waterfall in my magical space, long before I even understood what was actually going on with it. (There was a magical healing cave behind it!)

Once you have gone through the meditation, you may wish to bring elements from this space within you, into your physical space. Having these physical reminders can aid you in connecting to your Magic Space quicker and with more ease. Unfortunately, I do not have a waterfall in my home, or even nearby, but I have taken other elements from this space, like the cave, and incorporated it into my space in other ways. Namely, in this case, a painting. Or, you may choose to recreate in a video game, like discussed in my last blog post.

One last thing before you begin the meditation.

It is important to let go of judgement. I have no idea what you will see, because your Magic Space is unique to you. But I can say that there may be things there that you don’t quite understand, or think aren’t supposed to be there, or that other things should be there. That’s part of being human. But I want you to let go of that as much as possible so you can just -be- in your Magic Space. Like I said, some things, you may gain more of an understanding of over time. Like with my waterfall. So no judgement. Trust what you are seeing.

The only exception to letting this be, is if your intuition or the space tells you otherwise. For example, if there are lots of overgrown plants and you are told, or just know, that is because you haven’t been tending to your magic and this magic space, then do the tending work. But your space, which really is part of you, will let you know what is needed and when it is time.

Alright! Are you ready?

Here is the meditation!

Have you done the meditation?  How did it go? What did your magic space look like?

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