Messages from Beyond


Messages from Beyond

“Intuitive messages from loved ones on the other side.”
Are you ready to hear what they have to say?

(Currently unavailable)

In honor of Halloween Season, I have added a very special reading – Messages from Beyond. With this reading, receive intuitive messages from loved ones who have crossed to the other side.

Our loved ones are not as far away as you may think. They know you and watch you grow from the spirit plane. The combined powers of intuition, tarot, and mediumship bring you their advice. Are you ready to receive it?

What do you get?

  • A 5 card reading emailed to you
  • Support and comfort that comes from connecting with a loved one
  • Increased clarity
  • And sometimes a small kick in the butt from a loved one

Once completed, a pdf file of your reading will be emailed to you. In the pdf file, I give you the messages I received. Some are specific to each card while others are overall impressions.

If you are ready to connect with your loved ones, receive some clarity and guidance, and maybe a loving kick in the butt, then I invite you to get your reading!

Two special notes:

* Readings will be completed from the 27th thru the 1st, as that is when the veil is the thinnest.
* There are only 5 spots available. And I expect them to sell out by the 27th. (I had 9 purchases in 1 day last year!)

(Currently unavailable)


Hear what Ellie had to say about the reading:

Messages from Beyond Testimonial

“This whole reading just touched on all my big-issues concerns that I’ve been having lately. Your description of the spirit helped me define it relatively quickly and every piece of advice I got clicked so well with what’s going on in my life. He may not have been a man of many words, but the impressions you interpreted are spot-on for what I need right now.
Thank you so much for offering this reading and making your services available. Your readings are always super helpful and no matter the subject really seem to click with my concerns and offer relevant and coherent advice. It’s an amazing thing you do and I’m so glad you do it.”

And read what Kelly M. said about her reading:

“I was really excited about this reading but (and pardon my language) this actually made me say “holy shit” out loud.

I was reading the beginning of the reading thinking it could be my uncle who passed, but not wanting to assume. And then you got to the “just call me grand-pappy” and I lost it. Many years ago, in visited my family in Ireland with a friend and my uncle was kind of my chaperone because he was also in the country at the time. And my actual grandpa told my friend she could “just call him grand-pappy.” I think that’s why it didn’t sit well with you, he never said it but he was there for the joke.

And he did have throat cancer that absolutely decimated him before his (early) death.

The message was beautiful and absolutely on point for what I’m experiencing now. Thank you so much for channeling it for me–and him.”


I look forward to reading for you!

(Currently unavailable)

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