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You’ve been left holding the bag – but not the one you were hoping to secure.

This one is a mix of limiting beliefs and programs, financial oppression, wounds that were given to you.

Transform these …

❌ “Money is easier for other people.”
❌ “I missed the money train, and now that I’m older, I’ll never have it.”
❌ “It only comes to people who already have it.”
❌ “I’m making more than ever before, but it still isn’t enough.”
❌ “If I make more money, I’ll lose touch with my values and become a sellout.”
❌ “I have to work hard and sacrifice my peace and joy to make money.”

Into these …

✅ “I feel empowered with money.”
✅ “I can trust myself to make it and make it in a supportive way.”
✅ ” I can support myself, my family, and my friends.”
✅ “Making more money actually enables me to live in further alignment with my values and make a greater impact.”
✅ “I am capable of creating a life of wealth, success, and happiness without sacrificing my peace or joy.”

Not only are these beliefs more aligned with financial fun and freedom, don’t they also feel better?

The Money Mindset Glow Up course, featuring the proprietary Evaluate, Shift, Heal ™️ framework and journaling, is here to help you break free from those old beliefs and level up your finances.

It’s time to ditch the shit bag and embrace a new level of financial fun and freedom.

As you may have noticed, we live in a constellation of systems. 

Cultural, Societal, Familial, Fraternal, And so on

Each has their own expectations and norms – especially when it comes to money.

Maybe you’ve been told that you need to work hard to earn money and that you should have lots of it. But, you also shouldn’t be “showing off” or that if you stop working hard once you have enough, that you are lazy.

Part of breaking free from these systems is deprograming their disempowering beliefs and finding a better way to do things.

That’s where The Money Mindset Glow Up comes in. You’ll identify those hidden programs and replace them with empowering beliefs, transforming your money mindset and leveling up your business.

It’s time to root out those shit programs and start building a better financial future.

It’s time for The Money Mindset Glow Up.

This course is intentionally designed to deliver maximum transformation while providing personalized support. It’s not just a course; it’s a transformational journey that goes DEEP. With the live-taught course and Facebook support container, you’ll have everything you need to achieve lasting change.

In the course, you’ll learn the proprietary Evaluate, Shift, Heal ™️ framework over 4 live-taught modules. Each module includes to-the-point training and homework to help you sort through limiting beliefs, rewrite your money story, and heal money wounds.

But that’s not all. You’ll also receive additional trainings and meditations to give you further skills and knowledge for navigating healing and gaining perspective, all included as bonuses.

And it doesn’t stop there. True transformation requires support, which is why you’ll also get access to the peer support Facebook group. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share your journey, and get personalized support from Shelby Melissa.

What is the Evaluate, Shift, Heal™️ framework?

(If you are used to reading a certain subreddit ESH doesn’t stand for the same thing here. lol)


Understand + Connect

Before you get into changing things, you need to evaluate. It is the first step in the process for a reason.

By evaluating, you are doing 2 things: understanding and connecting. You can think of it like a more structured way to get to know your money landscape and illuminate the shifting and healing you will be doing. 


Deprogram + Align

Shifting involves changing the programs that you have been given. It primarily focuses on our mindset then, but it is also part action.

You know we don’t exist within vacuums, and neither does your healing. Shifting gives you the scaffolding upon which you can heal.


Hope + Empower

Evaluating and shifting bring up a lot. But through healing, you grow and become empowered.

However, healing as it is defined here, doesn’t mean forgiving people who have hurt you. Forgiveness doesn’t precede reparations.

What it does involve, is compassion towards yourself self and feeling your feelings..

Let’s go over the goodies again!

You’ll take a deep dive into your current money mindset and uncover what’s been holding you back.

You’ll learn you how to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

You’ll be extending self forgiveness and compassion to yourself as you identify your feelings and what they are telling you.

Bringing it all back together you have your next steps!

And that’s what everyone’s talkin’ ’bout!

“Shelby’s program helps reveal the subconscious stories playing out when any of my funky money stuff comes up. I love how supportive & non-victim-blaming Shelby’s perspective is when it comes to money. I’ve learned so much about myself, & my goal posts for having a better relationship with money keep shifting, allowing me to expand into a more confident, secure & stable relationship with money as a resource & tool for supporting my life, healing journey, & business.”

– Kelli Tompkins,

“Speaking about money brings up A LOT of feelings in people. Shelby has the talented capability of discussing money in a non-judgmental, yet positive way. She meets you at your level and raises you up at your own pace. Working with Shelby was the missing piece of the puzzle I didn’t even know I needed! Great results WILL come from your time with Shelby and her wisdom.”

– Melissa Fernandez, The Atlanta Postpartum Doula

The Money Mindset Glow Up is a great fit for you if

This is the course for you!

Life is full of these moments.

These Fool tarot card moments, where we are being asked to take a leap.

They seem scary. But you have to ask yourself –

“Will this leap get me closer to my goals?”

In December of 2020, I made a decision. My husband and I had moved back home due to the pandemic and ongoing construction in our new apartment. And while I love my dad, there was no way I was going to be able to spend another Winter in Michigan.

I HAD to get this money stuff figured out.

I dove into journaling. I created an assessment to measure my growth. I dug into my fears. I gave myself compassion and grace. And I kept going.

That December, I had my first nearly 10k month.

Then in January, I decided to leap again and start sharing and testing what had occurred. Was this repeatable? Could this work for other people?

And around 20 people approached me to be beta testers.

I took this as a sign and I’ve continued to refine this process.

Of course there are times I didn’t leap too. Not every leap will be for you either.

But that is for YOU to decide, no one else.

It is now your turn to decide.

Limited Time Bonus!

Purchase by Friday, October 13th and receive the never before released, Recoding Spending Journal!

Have you been trying to address your “spending problem” but it never seems to fully go away?

I don’t believe you actually have a spending problem. One, I don’t like how that sounds. Two, usually spending is the symptom or seen effect of something else. 

This journal will guide you through the Evaluate, Shift, Heal framework so you can say “Goodby spending problem, hello Freedom!”

But you have to purchase the Money Mindset Glow Up course by October 13th in order to get this bonus!


Ready for a Money Mindset Glow Up?

$ 49 one single payment
  • Introduction + Evaluate Module
  • Shift Module
  • Heal Module
  • Wrap-up + Re-evaluate Module