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Mundane or Spiritual Tarot Spread

mundane or spiritual 3 card
The Mundane or Spiritual, three card spread, is a good spread to help the querent answer the question, “Where should I focus?” Should the querent be focusing on the mundane or on the spiritual aspects of their life? This spread is expandable, and I have a few that I will be posting later.
Card One is the Mundane aspect. It is the current situation the querent is in for that area of their life.
Card Two is the Spiritual aspect. It is the current situation the querent is in for the spiritual area of their life.
Card Three is the directional card. I don’t read reversals, but this position requires it. Depending on which way the top of the card is facing, is the direction the querent should be focusing on. This card also tells of how to approach the situation it points towards.
Here is a quick example reading:
Card One, Two of Cups: This card represents connection and love. In the mundane,  the querent is in the beginnings of love. The wonderful honeymoon period.
Card Two, Ten of Cups: This card represents harmony and joy. The current spiritual situation for the querent is joyous and harmonious. The cups are open and flowing.
Card Three, Daughter of Wands: This card represents the free spirit and visionary. This card is pointing towards the Spiritual aspect, the Ten of Cups. The querent can approach their spiritual situation through becoming a free spirit and a visionary, using imagination and wisdom to approach life.
Comment below and let me know what you think! Feel free to use the spread and let me know about your experience!

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