My Top 5 Healing Crystals – Do you own them?

Crystals are so amazing! They have so many different energetic associations and uses. Here we are talking about my top 5 healing crystals.

Card from the Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder at The Fifth Element Life

Crystals have their own energies and vibrations. Some are better suited for bolstering protection, others for enhancing psychic abilities. Many have multiple purposes. The crystals below are some that I personally love for working with healing.

Top 5 Healing Crystals
  1. Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone closely connected to the heart. I particularly love this one because at the center of many mental health issues is a struggle to love the self and sometimes result from fractures in self-images. Rose Quartz aids in growing self-love and compassion. So in addition to loving self, it also aids in promoting that kindness that many of us need while we are healing – physically, emotionally, spiritually/energetically. It is the perfect marriage of the two!
  2. Crystal Quartz – I love Crystal Quartz in general. It is a great all purpose stone that amplifies and channels other energies. It helps to clear up our energy system which can contribute to painful issues in our lives and prevent healing from occurring. I definitely recommend pairing it with any of the other stones here to bring the healing up another level and repair the energetic or emotional wound on a deeper level. (You can read more about Quartz here.)
  3. Fluorite – Fluorite is one of those beautiful crystals with a range of colors! In the healing process though, it can be a great aid in detoxing the emotional body. This means, bringing things up to be dealt with and aiding in getting rid of emotions or emotional situations after they have been dealt with. Fluorite can also bring mental clarity to a situation. This allows for us to see our healing process more clearly as well as what needs to be healed.
  4. Smoky Quartz – Smoky Quartz is my favorite grounding stone. It helps to bring focus and feelings of stability, especially during times of distress. When feeling secure, it is typically easier to work on and focus on healing. Sometimes that feeling of security is really all that is needed. Grounding also helps to direct excess energy away from the personal energetic system releasing some of those jittery feelings.
  5. Green Aventurine – Green Aventurine aids in releasing old behavior patterns, habits, that are no longer working. Paired with other methods of doing so, such as behavior modification or even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques with a therapist, it can bring that work to another level. It also brings forth new opportunities for growth and bring them to awareness so that they can be acted on.

Other healing crystals I love:

  • Amazonite – Amazonite is such a calming stone to me. It is serene like a calm lake or the calm ocean. This helps me in bringing down those anxious feelings and feel relaxed.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst brings knowing and awareness. It brings forth an acceptance of “Ahhh. I see.”
  • Angel Aura Quartz – Angel Aura Quartz has such a wonderful energy and when I hold it, I just feel so calm and serene. A wave of warm tends to come over me. Similar to the security of Smoky Quartz but more loving. It is a different vibrations.

Every stone encountered, even if it is the same type and appears the same shape, will have it’s own purpose. They may call to you and voice what that is. Find out what to do if that happens in this post here.

What are your favorite healing crystals? Share them below! Even if they are the same as mine, I want to hear yours!


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