New and Full Moon Rituals

Now offering New and Full Moon Rituals!

Life is hard enough trying to get through it on our own. You have so many other things to worry about and devote your time to. So, let me work the magic for you!

Give me the things you want to manifest or release, and let me do the magic work.

“Thank you so much for this; its an experience I will never forget. I will accomplish what I want to do in life. I will be that star that burns brightest so that everyone has light.”  – Cody D.

On each New Moon, I will be working a ritual for manifesting. It is a good time to plant the seeds of what you want to bring in, allowing it to build into the Full Moon. I believe this lends more power and magic to the manifestation process. For extra impact, I do recommend taking steps yourself between the New Moon and the Full Moon. So in the days leading up to the New Moon, I want you to send in what you want to manifest into your life.

On each Full Moon, I will be working a ritual for release. This is a good time to express gratitude for the thing you want to release, allowing it to float away as the moon fades into the New Moon. Part of this though is finding that gratitude. Find a way it helped you. “Thank you Universe, but I no longer need x. I release it.” There may be situations where you can’t think of a reason to be grateful for it. That is okay. Don’t worry about it if you can’t. So in the days leading up to the Full Moon, I want you to send in what you want to release. Feel free to use the format I quoted above, replacing “x” with what you want to release.


The rituals will consist of reiki, a singing bowl, essential oils, crystals, and more. Everything will be worked to your favor to give your intention a boost. The more people who sign up, the more supplies I can afford. Such as things like 7-day candles, herbs, etc.

To get in on these rituals, sign up and fill out the questionnaire to input your intention.


The ritual will be recorded over Zoom. You can watch live, or you can catch the replay! Either way, the magic will still be working for you!