Next Level Self Meditation

It is still very early on in 2019. And you may still be formulating what this year looks like for you.
But what about what you’ll look like?? 🤔
I don’t mean just physically. Although, that can be a part of it.
But what energies are you holding? What level of yourself are you embodying?
What do you look like?
Here’s a little journal prompt or meditation that you can use to help you.
“What does the next level me look like?”
If there is something you are looking to embody, like being more relaxed – “What does the me who is relaxed, chill AF look like?”
“What does my life look like at that level? What am I doing?”


I sometimes have a little trouble connecting in, so it is okay to give yourself some space and try again.



I created and recorded a meditation for you to listen to, in order to help you out! <3

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Try it out! Let me know how it goes! And if you are having any difficulties, let me know! I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves for you!


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