You want more sales? An assistant reading emails? Selling out in your presales? You better honor your energy!
(Did you get this reference?)

Tell me if this sounds familiar –

– Your energy comes in bursts. You seem to be able to get a lot done in a short amount of time, but then you need a day or a few to recover and rest afterwards.
– Hearing about working with 30, 20, or even 10 one-on-one clients in a week, leaves you feeling exhausted.
– You’ve said to yourself, “If I could only just be a mattress tester and get paid to sleep all day.” (Or test pool floats and just float in the pool all day.)

But seriously – if you are a projector or someone who just doesn’t have the energy meter that others seem to, you need that time to fill yourself up. And doing things the way other’s have been doing them, the hustle, it is just going to burn you out.


I thought I was someone who could go out and just make things happen. Then after spending two years of constantly “doing” in grad school (going to school full time, going to an internship for 20-25 hours each week, working on my business, and planning a wedding) – I was BURNT OUT!

It was 2016. I had zero Energy. No motivation to find a job in my field.

There was no way I was going to be able to see 40+ therapy clients a week and write case notes. Something needed to change. So if I couldn’t do that, then what could I do?

And that’s what I spent time figuring out. How much nourishment did my energy need? How much “doing” was just enough and wouldn’t put me out for a few days? Where was the Goldilocks zone of “just right?” How was I going to manage all of this? Especially while running my own business.

The Answer?

Why passive income? Because as I learned about my energy through experience and through modalities such as Human Design. I learned that as a Projector, my energy doesn’t keep going like a battery. It is a bit more like an engine. I need to receive the start from a battery, then I can go for some time, but I also cannot run forever.

Passive income allows me to apply my energy when it is ready to go. And then nourish it when it needs down time afterwards.

Basically, I don’t have to be “doing” all the time like I was in grad school. I can support my energy and allow it to support me.

It’s win-win for us both!

But Projectors aren’t the only one’s who experience limited or low energy.

You may also be someone who experiences limited or low energy if you are a:

– Spoonie or dealing with chronic illness(es)
– Caregiver or parent
– Working other jobs
– Going through a period of healing or transformation
– Highly Sensitive or an Empath
– Neurodiverse

And more! We can experience limited or low energy for many reasons! Sometimes it is temporary, sometimes it something we deal with for the rest of our lives. But either way, it can still be difficult to get things done. To be there for your business, to be “on” and doing and selling in your business.

Hustling just isn’t for us.

That’s why I am so passionate about Passive Income for Projectors, and others who may experience similar frustrations with their energy.

Because it just doesn’t work for us to go out and push and do and go-go-go. And that is okay. Because we can leverage the energy we do have, and how our energy works, to still have a successful and impactful business. We can still create change in the world.

And I want to help you do that with my workshop – Passive Income for Projectors.

“Another spot-on prescription from Shelby Melissa, the Reiki Queen and Projector Doctor*”

-Ardelia Lee, Human Design + Content Strategist, Creator of That Projector Life Podcast.

*Shelby Melissa is not an actual medical doctor.

This isn’t a plug-and-chug workshop on creating passive income. Energy is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

This is supporting you and your energy with the stream of income that is nourishing for you.

Reprogram is one-third of my signature framework. Whether you are a projector or not, you’ve probably been conditioned by society to work-work-work and go-go-go. But that isn’t sustainable for your energy. So, you will learn how to and implement getting to know yourself, aka your energy, and work on reprogramming those unsupportive beliefs.

Everyone needs to nourish their energy. So you’ll be learning how to, and creating, a passive income plan. This plan will take an energetic lens and be designed to support your energy. You’ll be able to implement this plan moving forward and protect your energy from burn out.

This is the goal. Thrive. Everything you’ll be learning and doing is so that you can thrive in your life. So you are a little less exhausted and a little more fulfilled at the end of the day. You created your business to support your life and your vision. Let’s optimize it so that it can do that, while also supporting your energy.

I attended one of Shelby’s group reiki sessions, and it was wonderful! She is a master at caring for and directing your energy (she’s literally a rose quartz crystal for you + your biz).

Shelby’s reiki helped me gain clarity on my paths of abundance and where they were coming from. Her session also helped me widen those paths and remove the blocks that were in the way. If you’re looking to shift your energy or the energy of your biz, I highly recommend working with Shelby!

– Ardelia Lee, Human Design + Content Strategist

You wake up feeling rested. That is how it usually is now. Rested with purchase notifications on your phone. You smile to yourself. This is how running your business was supposed to be.

You get up and go about getting ready for your day.

You have a nap scheduled in after your lunch date with your friend. There are a few small things to do in your business, like checking your email, engaging with your community, and planning content around your passive income stream to keep the energy flowing and renewed.

But nothing draining. Nothing that’ll leave you crawling to bed at night or passing out on the couch instead

You know this is how it was supposed to be. Your business supporting you – not the other way around.

Does this feel exciting?
Do you want this kind of magic for your life?
Are you ready for this vision?

Passive Income Here I Come!


– Passive Income Training Video
– Behind the scenes video of how I set up things in the back-end of my business for passive income
– 1 week of access to me via email for extra questions or support moving forward.


* By purchasing this training, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Shelby is a sweet and nurturing force and guide! She’s patient and open. While working with her its clear she cares about you and she really listens.

Overall working with Shelby is an awesome experience — she is a magical reiki genius.

— Neha Jha of Love, Neha Jha

Hi there! It’s me, Shelby Melissa!
I believe we have the power to create change – within ourselves and in the world.

Because I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.
As a Masters of Social Work student, I saw the differences that we can make when we come together. I saw Recovery Coaches giving back and helping others. I saw people volunteering for organizations that made a difference in their lives. And I saw a social worked become the Mayor.

This change, is nothing new. This is who we are as humans.

After graduation, I struggled. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was burnt out. I hadn’t given myself a strong foundation for making and creating change. Because, although I was learning and reprogramming, I hadn’t been nourishing myself.

I saw the changes we made in the world, but I had to focus on making change within myself.
And I did.

I went from burnt out to creating and running a business.

I know you can do the same. I know you can make changes within yourself. That you can deprogram, nourish, and THRIVE! Not just in life, but in business and in your vision as well!


Take a moment, tune into your heart, and ask yourself if this is right for you at this time. Or try asking a pendulum. But ultimately, it is up to you to take the step. But if you do join me for the workshop, I will be here to support you and make sure there is something you can take away and implement in your business.

Nope! This training is not just for Projectors. While the training does specifically address Projectors at times, anyone who is a limited or low energy biz owner can benefit from this training!

This content is particularly for business owners. If you don’t have a business or aren’t looking to create one, then this probably won’t be very beneficial for you.

Clients have had wonderful results from our work together and I believe that you can too, however, we legally cannot guarantee any specific results, and we are obligated to say that the results above may not be typical.

No matter which Tier you choose, you’ll have 1 week of access to me via email for follow up support. The VIP Tier gets an extra week of email access to me after I finish their PDF energy audit.

We do not give refunds for this service.

Of course! Feel free to email me at or schedule a free clarity call by clicking here!

Passive Income Here I Come!


– Passive Income Training Video
– Behind the scenes video of how I set up things in the back-end of my business for passive income
– 1 week of access to me via email for extra questions or support moving forward.


* By purchasing this training, you agree to our Terms of Service.