Picking Out Your Card Deck

There are so many different ways to go about picking out your card deck. Be it tarot, oracle cards, or lenormand! Let’s bust a big myth and then get into some different ways to pick out your deck!

Pictured is the Numinous Tarot by Noel Heimpel; http://www.noelheimpel.com

First, let’s bust a big myth – “You must receive your deck as a gift.” or “You must be gifted a tarot deck in order for it to work.”

Yeah. That’s baloney.

I have owned probably over 150 decks. The VAST majority of them have been purchases I made for myself. And they STILL work. I still get spot on results with them, spookily accurate results.

You CAN go out and totally buy yourself a deck. Even your first one. So just pick one out!

So how are you going to do that? Why not let your intuition decide!
Picking out a card reading deck with your intuition is pretty much the same as picking out a crystal with your intuition!

Go to a shop with a bunch of card reading decks, or just hop online!

Let your intuition guide you. Spend some time looking at the decks, gently touching them if you are shopping a brick and mortar store.

Where does your attention keep going back to? Which deck feels the best in your hands? Which one fosters a positive, light reaction within your body? You may even feel a big “uh-huh!”

Congrats! That is your deck!
Pretty simple right?

But this isn’t the only way to pick out a deck!

You can also pick based on the contents of the deck! Do you like the artwork? Does the deck have a nice box? Do you know the author? Does the deck include people who look like you? Or depict people from a wide variety of backgrounds?
Do you like the system? (Tarot, Oracle cards, Lenormand?)
And of course, is it in your price range?
(Because some decks get a bit pricey!)

I’d love to hear which deck you ended up picking out! So come back here and let me know!

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