2021 Sales Planning Workshop / Party!

Main steps for creating your sales plan:

– List your offers + pricing
– Identify your sales goal
– Think about your life plans
– Fill in the spreadsheet
– Adjust as needed

Black Friday is here early!

As you know, underneath all of the strategy – is mindset.

Whether your plan is inviting you to show up more on social media, hop on more sales calls, or grow your audience – how you think and feel about money has a big impact on actually following through.

Black Friday begins now and runs through November 30th, with 20% of sales being donated to Stonewall Veteran and Black trans woman, Miss Major’s retirement fund.


No matter your comfortability with investing in your business or your budget, I’ve got something to help you reach your 2022 goals!!

The deals...

Everyone can use

Affirmations + Reminders!

Download the free booklet, Affirmations + Reminders for Boss Bitches! No matter where you are at in business and your relationship with money, it is good to have uplifters to help you stay focused and get through!

Build momentum

with Journaling!

The under $50 stocking stuffer of my offers! Get Limitless, the Money Mindset Journaling bundle to begin releasing harmful money patterns and build a new, supportive relationship with money.

Bonus: Purchase this and get your invitation to a special Group Q+A session in December!

Make quantum leaps

with 1:1 support!

It’s time to go big, like yesterday! And you are done feeling like you are getting in your way! It is time to fully transform your relationship with money so that it COMPLETELY supports you!

Save $500!
Plus –
Get the journal bundle and Heal Your Money Shit course content.

If we don’t know each other, let me introduce myself! I’m Shelby!

There was a time when an $80 monthly payment for a program was a lot for me. A $5 coffee was a treat, an every once in a while thing, not a regular purchase. There was a time when looking at apartments in beach towns was daydreaming, not planning for my future.

But all of that changed when I changed my relationship with money.

I dedicated myself to digging in. To journaling. To being honest and vulnerable with myself.

I live in a beach town. Treating myself with coffee is a regular occurrence, and $500 monthly payments are no big deal.

I am dedicated to supporting you create your new reality with money – no matter where you are at right now.