Pushing and pushing, but not getting results?

Check. Check. Check. Double check. 🤦🏼
  Been there. Done that.

But guess what. Pushing and sacrificing yourself doesn’t actually create a successful and abundant business.

Imagine this with me -


Oh, and of course a growing business making MORE IMPACT and MORE INCOME!


Purpose + Abundance

Business Accelerator

with Shelby Melissa

We're kicking the bro, patriarchal way of doing things out the door.

Doing things the “bro” way of hustle, hustle, hustle – stay up late, eat nothing but instant noodles, with no time to have a life. Gross.

It doesn’t make room for YOU and your PURPOSE.

And to be honest, it was never for you. That’s why you feel like banging your head on your desk and moaning until your voice is hoarse.

That’s why you are tired. 

We aren't doing that fakey "high vibe" BS either.

The one that has you emotionally exhausted from presenting to be someone you are not. Because it still perpetuates ablist, racist ideology.

Can’t be depressed. Can’t be anxious. The struggles you are having are the result of your own manifestations, and not because you are the victim of oppressive systems.

It isn’t right. And it will also keep your business stuck, slowly rotting it from the inside out.

So what can you do? How do you do things differently? In a way that actually supports you and thrives through your authenticity?

You change this by putting YOU and YOUR purpose at the foundation of business. 
Then building with...

The Strategy, Mindset, Energy Framework.™️


The plan. The how.
You have a goal for your business, you started it for a reason. But how are you getting there? What steps are you taking? What are your benchmark goals? Who are you speaking to and where? All of this and more is strategy.


The thoughts and beliefs.
Doing business requires you to confront the mindset you’ve been given. And even more so, doing business differently requires thinking about things differently.
Leverage your brain for your success.


Many programs address strategy, a percentage of those address mindset, but how many do you know of talk energy too?
This isn’t just the being of energy, but also the doing. You can actively participate in shifting energy. Use it!

When one or more of these things are missing, it makes running a business that much more difficult. It can lack direction and momentum. Your inner critic, that not so nice voice in the back of your head, will take the lead whenever possible. It won’t be aligned.

You know what it screams?
Energy leak!

Our motto: Authenticity > “high vibe.” 

Our guiding stars: purpose, service, and transformation.

Our magical formula: strategy, mindset, + energy.

I can show you how.

Remember – I’ve been there done that.

I’m an Energy Worker, Master of Social Work, and professional at distraction and late nights.

See, that’s what I’m really good at. Gotta get it perfect, gotta overachieve, and when it doesn’t seem to be working – switch gears and hurry up to put together that new shiny thing! All while running myself into the ground because I was taught that if I just work harder at something, it’ll work out. But the only abundance that got me was an abundance of burn out.

We really aren’t that different, you and I.

You dream big. To do things the “standard” way, isn’t going to work for you. Because you aren’t standard and your dreams and visions for the world aren’t either. (I know, because this is me too.)

But you still need structure. You need a framework that gives you the freedom to do things your way. One that isn’t the bro way of hustling, go-go-go, and one that provides more focus, more momentum, and more rest!

Why wouldn’t you want that?

You can have it too!

“Being an entrepreneur, even with a partner, family, and friend support, can be very isolating and daunting. The pressure to make something happen, to make a sale, to keep afloat, can really psych you out to quit. But Shelby provides that rock solid, practical support to keep going. It’s much easier to beat the odds with her energetic insight and her unflagging and genuine optimism. If you want your small biz to have a better chance at not only surviving but thriving, Shelby Melissa’s support is ESSENTIAL.”

-Deborah Beckwin

“I attended one of Shelby’s group sessions, and it was wonderful! She is a master at caring for and directing your energy (she’s literally a rose quartz crystal for you + your biz). Shelby’s work helped me gain clarity on my paths of abundance and where they were coming from. Her session also helped me widen those paths and remove the blocks that were in the way. If you’re looking to shift your energy or the energy of your biz, I highly recommend working with Shelby!”

-Ardelia Lee

How the Accelerator does it differently.

3 Group Calls per Month

Strategy, Mindset, Energy

You know what happens when you are missing one of these core components. So in the P+A Accelerator, you are not going to miss out.

– Strategy calls are all about building structure and flow in your business and giving you those next practical steps.

– The mindset calls will help you with a little confidence and determination.

– And the energy work calls are all about giving you that magic oomph behind everything!

Special Community

Beyond the calls, you’ll also have access to a community of entrepreneurs like yourself – who are shedding the layers of “supposed to’s” in business and creating abundance through purpose.

Build relationships, receive support, and create solutions together.

And when you come together with your community, everyone’s efforts exponentially multiply. Meaning, speedily achieving your goals and soaring to new heights, together!

Training Vault

Not only will you be able to watch the replays of the previous calls, you will also have access to the training vault. As you can guess from the name, trainings, workbooks, etc. can all be found here. 

The vault is coming and will be continually growing. 

Plans for included trainings include: passive income, sales planning, and more.

All in a 12 month container

You aren’t just getting quick wins, but actual momentum that lasts through life’s ups and downs.

Life can sure throw some curveballs. And your business gets to be a beautiful support in your life bringing you abundance as you heal, recover, and whatever else you need. It is also the vehicle for which you live your purpose and create impact in the world – that isn’t something to play small or short-term with.

You can have it too!

“Shelby is not only an Energy Master but a kind and connected being that has helped me commit to nourishing myself. Our work together has allowed me to become more mindful of my energy levels and to respect my own boundaries.”

– Dr. Alexis Edwards
The Expansion Principle Institute

“Shelby has a gift for helping you reconnect to your soul and the soul of your business. Her sessions help me recharge and refocus my energy, so I can be more creative and productive!”

-Anna Claire

Hey! Shelby Melissa again!

I believe you have the power to create change – within yourself and in the world.

After graduating with my Masters of Social Work, I knew it wasn’t for me. So I shifted gears, created an intuition course, and started a business.
I learned A LOT from those early days. Like the balance of being in community while staying true to yourself, the importance of discernment when learning from a coach or mentor, and the importance of strategy, mindset, and energy.
You are here on purpose. Like on this earth. You are here to create change.
It is time to bring in the big guns. No more waiting. No more floundering. No more letting the “bro,” patriarchal way of doing things run you into the ground.

It is time to join
the Purpose + Abundance Accelerator.

You can have it too!

“Shelby nurtured my whole being and business so much! Since working with Shelby the visions I had during our healing meditation have enlightened me to move into where I can receive SO MUCH MORE of my desires. Who doesn’t want that?! Shelby allowed me an opportunity to grow and I’m so thankful! Her presence and professionalism really made me feel taken care of, so comfortable and graceful. I loved specifically she held space for me in a virtual group online type of space. It was so personal and exactly what I needed!”

-Toby Hana

“We don’t have to do all the things by ourselves and Shelby is great at doing the things that are so needed we may not even know they’re needed until we experience the shift she provides – she helped me wake up to receiving energy work that I didn’t have to do by myself and also explore using multiple centers in my body to intuit with instead of feeling limited to finding the “right” or “best” way to do it.”

-Lori Robin
of Improvide with Lori

Imagine this with me again -


Oh, and of course a growing business making MORE IMPACT and MORE INCOME!

FUCK! That sounds good doesn’t it?


Then take this invitation and join!

Purpose + Abundance

Business Accelerator

Where purpose leads to overflow.

Payment Plan


for 12 months

Pay in Full


save an additional $197

– 3 Group calls a month
– A private Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs
– Access to all replays in the dashboard
– Access to continually updating training vault

Pre-Black Friday Special!

Save up to $1,200 off regular price!

"REMINDER: Shelby is an energy goddess - you need to work with her!

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You can have it too!

“You’ll leave the calls super refreshed, feeling supported, and you may even gain some clarity on whatever is on your mind – whether business or personal!”

-Pam December
Mad for Purple

“Shelby’s work is some of the most gentle and creative and supportive I’ve personally experienced. She helps you manage and understand the relationship between you, your energy, and your business’ energy so you have more control, feel less exhausted, and experience more momentum in your biz and life.”

-Kelli Tompkins


Only you can know that, but let me share something that helps me!

Sometimes I’ll draw cards, or feel into the energy. But at the end of the day, I trust myself to make it work. I know that I can work to get what I need out of a program. Especially one with more direct support, because I can commit to asking questions related to what I need. And I trust myself to take what is given and make it my own. Meaning, how can I take the essence of the thing and apply it?

But, if you are really unsure, please feel free to DM me on Instagram, @shelbymelissa, I would be happy to have a no pressure conversation to get to know you and support you in making a decision, no matter what that decision is.

This program is designed for people who already have some foundations to their business like – having an offer or offers in mind, knows who their audience is, knows how they want to help people, and so on.

If you haven’t started creating offers yet, or selling your offers, DM me on Instagram, and we’ll get you in a more aligned offer.

The first 3 Tuesdays of the month from 12pm to 1pm Eastern. Unless for some reason the schedule needs to change. You will have access to the monthly calendar – in which you’ll be able to see the upcoming calls, and add them to your own schedule.

I will be holding the live events, making posts and responding to comments in the group – and all that jazz! If you want more access to me, reach out me on Instagram and we’ll see if there is a better option for you!

Send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get those questions answered for you!