Quartz – General, All-Purpose Stone



    • Silicate Group, SiO2
    • Hexagonal structure
    • crystallized and microcrystalline
    • Luster: Glassy
  • Hardness: 7

Quartz is one of the most common minerals as it can form under a number of conditions. Because of the variety of conditions quartz can form from, it has a large family: clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, smokey quartz, chalcedony, rose quartz, and more. These are all forms of the same crystal just differing in color and crystal size. It can also come in a number of formations including: clusters, pillars, wands, and more. It can be cut, either away from other points or to get one of these particular shapes.

Quartz is considered to be a powerful general purpose stone.

It is said to amplify and raise the vibrations of energies. It is used to heal all sorts of conditions. Clear quartz is associated with all of the chakra points. Depending on the type, the stone will also have other metaphysical properties. For example, rose quartz is considered to be a love stone.

The shape of the crystal can also play into the metaphysical properties.

A single point can be used to direct energy in a single direction. A double terminated quartz, one with a point at both ends, would direct energy in both directions, outward from each point. Clusters can be used to hold energy, especially if they are a round geode shape as it is like a cup. Flat clusters can loose energy, much like if you poured water on it, the water would stay in some low areas, but would eventually flow over the edge. There are many more shapes than described here. Stones can be programmed to fit your needs. Grab a stone and play around with it! Learn what works for you!

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Photo by me, ShelbyMelissa

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