Racism Resources

I have created a resources page on my website that is basically racism resources for white people, like myself.

I understand that this is not fun stuff, but it is necessary work. You’ve probably heard me talk about it a bit in my lives, so you probably know why I think that.

(but tl;dr: -isms are violent acts and beliefs that hurt people, we can’t be healers hurting people who are oppressed and still call ourselves healers. We can say we are uplifting the world if we are leaving people out and keeping them oppressed by supporting the systems that do that.)


I know I have a lot of work and unpacking to do myself, and I wanted to help provide resources for people to also do that work.

Many of these may be uncomfortable to read. But it is necessary to do this work, even if you are feeling uncomfortable with it. Even if you consider yourself a nice and good person, like I do. It is necessary for us to feel it and then do the work anyway. Because these are things that are saturated in US culture (and others but I am speaking from experience here) and so we have to unlearn and unpack. It isn’t fun. It isn’t glamorous. But I do believe it is necessary. Because this is literally life and death for people.