Reiki Session 3

Clear out your energy. Smash through blockages. Receive guidance and messages. And overall, just feel more aligned with life.

A reiki session can do all of this!

That is why I love providing distance Reiki for people all over the world. My mission is to provide individuals with the insight, energy, and messages they need in order to connect with the beautiful energy within themselves, heal, and grow towards their goals.

In scheduling a session with me, you get to pick the length so that reiki can fit your budget. Obviously, the longer the session, the more work I can do, but Reiki knows what you need the most and will pack a punch no matter the session length.

You can pick from:
A 20 minute distance Reiki session, for $10.61 USD.
A 45 minute distance Reiki session, for $23.48 USD.
OR a 60 minute Reiki session, for $31.20 USD!

During the session, I will: scan your energy, clear out any yucky energy sludge, smash and remove any blockages, and listen for any guidance or messages you need to receive.

Within 24 hours I will respond to you to schedule your session and send you the invoice for your desired time. Once the session is complete, you will receive an email from me detailing how the session went on my end, what I found, felt, and saw in your energy, as well as any messages for you.

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Still not sure this is for you?
Here is some feedback from someone who received multiple reiki sessions from me!

“I truly enjoyed working with Shelby. At the time, I was going through a very turbulent period of transition in my life and needed a helping hand with my energy work. She was incredibly understanding and was laser accurate in her approach, and every time after she worked on me I felt an incredible sense of peace and well-being that would integrate itself into my daily life. I am very thankful for the sessions I was able to have with her and would highly recommend her as a fellow energy healer. You will be in good hands. -D.G.”

Pick your reiki session!

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I love giving Reiki and I am so excited that we have the opportunity to work together!